12 comments on “Disaster Looming! The New Minister of the Exterior is a Hardcore Anti-Greek and Communist 

  1. I feel no panik and I’m not sad whatsoever for what will continue, not start, happening in Greece. I m actually excited and very happy that Syriza took power in Greece! Finally! I really am! All this time the stupid Greeks ( the majority not those who are simply awacken and now slowly and progressively see the bitter truth and light in Golden Dawn) were voting for these two popular big parties, Pasok and New Democracy, bringing one after the other in power for 40 freaking years… the Greeks were always, just like all Europeans and westerners liberally brainwashed and so called “democratically” programmed to think in this nation-destructive self-defeating libtard way and now the time has Finally come for them to see what kind of “values and morals” they believed in and raised their poor children with. Democracy…my ass. It can only really bring big time laughter in me.

    And the reason why I’m feeling so happy that the democratic left, Syriza, took finally power is that at least Syriza really speaks and reveals more of how this hugely propagandized so called left or even right liberal democracy really stands for in the entire Western totally delusional sickened world!

    Its better to have a “liberal democracy” that labels itself leftist, radical left, post-communist, European left -whatever- than have the more conservative type of it which is exactly the very same regime at core but behaves in a more nation-centered way. And all that painfully hypocritically of course.
    It is much better actually!! Let these Greek libtards of the generation of baby boomers that destroyed everything in their culture and their children get screwed now more, harder and deeper, let the cancer really start revealing its real colors and go harder into dropping that nation and religion centered mask of “democracy” it used to keep just to pretend it cares for its people and its traditions, let the real international, globalizing Zionist communist hardcore face of “liberal democracy” come out of the older conservatism and shadows it used to hide in.

    These Greeks of this day and age raised their children with all these “democratic” leftist liberal high values and principals they ‘ve been so brainwashed to accept deep in since the 70’s and were preaching about non stop, now let them REALLY face what they were standing for all of this time, trying to brainwash and push to anyone else still resisting and insisting to hold high, the 3 most holiest principles of a healthy nation & society(homeland, faith and family) being mocked and called “old school and old fashioned” because they refused to “progress” in that type of self-defeating cancerenian multinational, multiracist, international open-minded nation-trashing globalizing Zionist hell.

    Seems like the times are now more mature than ever..for these ultra srupid smartass libtard Greeks of the generation of Polytechneio to start really facing the type of social values and sickening liberal brainwashed brains they used to have for so long! I live in Greece and yet though -if I may use the expression- let them get fucked from it, as bad as it sounds.

    In the past i’d be very sad and deeply disappointed to see a leftist party, like Syriza, now “democratic” with more of a leftist agenda in it, taking power to rule our country. Now though I’m more thrilled than ever that it finally did! All these years the majority of Greeks were liberal and leftist oriented and programmed to think in a “modern” still artificially conservative society, but they never ever voted for and brought to power a self-labeled leftist party. They have never experienced how it really is to live in a communist or left-run society.
    Let’s not deny them the right to really feel and see what that is like like the other Balkan countries did! With the nitorious mask of “democracy” and “freedom of self-expression and speech” of course.

    Did you really think that the Greeks were ready to accept that Golden Dawn is the only real true Hellenic and Zionist-resistant party that stands for the glory of our ancestry and not what the “democratic” Zionist to the core filthy massive media perpetrate them to be like and go for? I’m talking about the average Greek liberal mind and the majority of course.
    Do not get so fast excited. You though wrong. There s still so much suffer and death of the brain-killing delusional butterfly liberal demo-cratic propaganda that needs to be done prior to the real hardcore authentic nationalist uncompromising to the point of self-sacrifice revolution after so many years of efficient liberal programming as soon as the ww2 ended.

    All things come in their own time, and when time is mature and ready, that’s when the majority of everyday people, sheep, will eventually realize what kind of devil masked sneaky deceit and deception they ve been subjected to.
    I stopped believing myself in democracy, I used to believe in that nice-feeling butterfly moral idea of running a country as not so righteous as it sounds. The majority of people are sheep, they always were, and the revolution always started by some critical and truly free thinking selected few that led the frontline of a massive social and national change, that is exactly why we need a truly nationalistic strong bold leader to govern the country and lead the masses with self-sacrifice to the favor of their race, traditional values and heritage and not..democracy or personal interests and lust for control and power.
    I think the real damage in Europe with Jews beginning to pollute and affect European state and country run constitutions for their own sickening goyim-dominance interests started around the masonic – Zionist lead French revolution and continued slowly and progressively with all kinds of colors revolutions after that time( Bolshevik, communist, modern democratic, EU etc.)
    Europe and all of the western white countries will need time to realize and truly come to terms with that.
    And the true nationalist re-birth and awakening for Greece it is proven again and again that it is undoubtedly mr.Michaloliakos and his strict hierarchical soldiers following.

    I believe it is a thousand times better and more preferable to have the Zionist hypocritical conservative/communist democracy revealing its more hardcore and real face through a more honest and commy leftist party like the anti-christian (not just harmless atheist as some claim) international Syriza party displaying what this EU and western Zionist democracy is really all about, than having a more soft buttered supposedly conservative type of democratic party like New Democracy mostly but also former Pasok used to be.

    The Jews think that they harmed our ability to think, to wake up and realize all this theater they’ve been carefully setting for our careful non-reversed destroyal forever, but time AlREady begins to tell differently.
    And the faster and more hardcore these controlled leftist democratic European parties like Syriza take action and display their true intentions, the harder and stronger and faster the opposite pole and nationalistic awakening will be!

    Its better to have cancer and have no symptoms until its too late than have the disease and have it impossible not to feel the painful and deadly affects of it. It is already there, it won’t go away.
    And it’s better to get ruined faster than slower, look what happened to the Russians.

    The future is not Syriza, neither any other “democratic” party. The future belongs to the sacred nationalist awakening and we can all sit back now and start enjoying for the time I believe all these Syriza and brain dead liberals paying the costs of voting for Syriza and betraying their country.

    • I always love reading your posts, they are a real pleasure to read. Hell, sometimes I enjoy them more than the articles themselves.

      Anyway, for your response itself, I agree that Syriza’s failures will be the wake up call Hellenics need to realize that a Chrysi Avgi victory is the only way to get out of this crisis and ensure that our race alone controls Hellas. Syriza is effectively the bitter medicine that is needed to mark a significant change in the nation.

      It for me though is bittersweet. Don’t get me wrong, many Greeks have made this mess on their own and have only themselves to blame. It still saddens me though that they are going to have to suffer through Syriza just to get the message. But if this is what it takes, so be it.

      • http://elldiktyo.blogspot.gr/2015/02/koinovouleutikh.dhmokratia.html?m=1

        Thank you for your good words, our feelings and thoughts are mutual, and I can understand how all that must make you feel as a Greek American, an authentic Greek of our omogeneia, believe me, we all feel alike, but as dion in another article pointed, the Greeks need the shock treatment to understand its not just “tearing up” the memorandum or opposing supposedly the German way of handling the debt all in all what Should matter when the fate of their very own existence and the future of their race and glorious nation is in the hands of these Zionist traitorous right wing/left wing democratic plutocrats who waste no freaking chance to remind us over the “superior moral principles” of democracy. (parliamentary democracy more specifically)

        I think you would enjoy very much to read this Greek article, overall this national socialistic Greek website the article belongs to makes very good insight and serious political analysis to go deep into it and understand fully everything over the Jewish pan-economic or better, ecomonic-centered political and financial governmental policies Greece and the whole of the white western countries have been literally forced to have, soon after the end of ww2 and the defeat of the national socialist doctrine Hitler introduced to Europe.

      • Senior Fellow at the …………..

        “Weatherhead Centre for International Relations at the University of Harvard”.

        You may check at the Web what is all about and its affiliation with the Bilderbeg group of Globalization and New World Order.
        But let me tell you…. ASK you something …..its like a show on a Theater…soon or later the role of these actors on this stage will be apocalyptically revealed. Eventually within a year we will have some lightning news.

        What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.
        -John Ruskin

        The more you know, the more you realize you know nothing.


        If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground it will but grow and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.

        -Emily Zola J ‘accuse

        There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.

        -Carl G Jung

        The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.

        The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried. … When you’re out there partying, horsing around, someone out there at the … In your relationships with others, remember the basic and critically important rule: “If you want ….
        -Lao-Tzu. Don’t bail; the best pieces of gold are at the bottom of the barrel of crap.

      • http://elldiktyo.blogspot.gr/2015/02/kapitalismos-kommounismos.html?m=1

        “Capitalism and communism, the 2 sides of the same coin

        Another article you will enjoy reading, written by our politically free-thinking and intelligent Greek nationalists over the economic-centered liberal democratic political systems, Greece, EU, US, Canada, Australia and many many other big and smaller states and countries of the world were&are forced to have by the Zionist plutocrats.

  2. He is a make believe greek. His bloodline comes from somewhere else. He should be charged with treason.

  3. Political groups aimed at youth should be banned. That’s one reason some Hellens lose their patriotism.

    And I always say this if you “acknowledge” Hellas as a foreigner don’t worry it can go both ways.

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