12 comments on “VIDEO: SYRIZA’s Economics Minister “We will pay our private creditors to the last penny.”

  1. I keep hearing Syriza wants to “Renegotiate” the debt while paying it back to the last penny. Seems to me the plan is to simply change the payment plan to reduce the individual payments over an extended period of time, which of course would mean paying more in the long term due to accrued interest.

    All this Is this would do is slow down the rate of bleeding but bleed more in the long term. Is this what Syriza means by “Radical”?

    • Yep, exactly. “Radical” only in continuing to ruin the whole country. Just like Obama’s original signature slogan – ‘it’s time for a change’ – in actual terms means more of the same retarded (US) politics at home and abroad, but on a much greater and faster scale than before. That was exactly what was meant by “change”.

  2. The new greek government needs to see what this debt is all about.

    Why do we have it? For what?

    I can say plenty on this but for now that needs to be analyzed in a detailed sense.

  3. It hasn’t even been a week and already I think we have seen too much of Syriza to believe they are anything other than a joke. I mean, what more is there to say? They are wasting no time revealing how most of their campaign promises are little more empty words and meaningless assurances. And now I feel like they are mocking me with Mr. Eagle fanboy over here.

    But hey, perhaps we at Chrysi Avgi should follow his example. We could start explaining our foreign policy with Taylor Swift song titles and our immigration policy with Katy Perry lyrics. Or you know, we could be responsible and strong willed nationalists and not fall victim to these lame gimmicks.

    With that out of the way, I just wanted to ask an unrelated thing: I believe that the illegal imprisonment of our Archigos (and the others) is due to end in March, but on what specific day? I am sick of this illegal and unjust politically motivated arrest.

    • God willing, one day hopefully when we sentence Varoufakis and tell him he is going to prison for treason, we can say “Yanni, it’s like the Eagles song, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

    • Michalolialos was taken in prison on the 28th of September 2013, a few days prior or after that date all the other gd of the leadership συναγωνιστή. They have no time for trial now until then and they have absolutely NO charges or any clues to use against them, that is the only exclusive reason they haven’t set up a trial for our leader and all others yet.
      The law says that they can’t keep anyone imprisoned for more than 18 months with no trial and no proof, this means theoritically that on the 28th of March our leader will be released (since these Jew puppies have violated the Greek constitution more than a hundred times now and have proved repeatedly extreme disobey and abuse of the law), but we are all certain that he will. And all the others of course.

      I hear that as soon as they come out of the bars of honor chrisi augi will give a huge speech in Athens and all comrades across the country will be invited to attend.

      Also Tsipras himself, the fan rich boy that never worked in his life before..ever, and comes from the radical communist side of Syriza (KKE) -Syriza is a salad blended from significantly different in ideology political cores- stated around 2 days ago that he will not say anything against fascism, (meaning us), and that fascism should not be condemned by authorities but it should be condemned from the laos, from the people.

      Haha go figure out. Iron-tongue language from the rich lazy Marxist Che Guevara spoiled anti-christian media-promoted clown, Tsipras. He will be little of a problem in front of the continuous solid-ground strong rising of the true nationalist awakening. This year and the following is gonna be very important and very interesting as well I think

    • Thank you all for the responses (the Eagle reference to Varoufakis in particular genuinely made me laugh) and sorry I felt the need to ask, the anticipation is just killing me though. I do find it funny that even though as Mk said “They have no time for trial now” they are still keeping them in prison just to keep XA out of the picture as long as possible. But I guess that was the plan all along anyway. If nothing else, when all of a sudden the news comes out that they are released, Chrysi Avgi will come out with a renewed credibility among those who doubted us. I believe the recent January elections will be our low point. The People’s Association has been on the defense for over a year and yet survived. Soon, it will the anti nationalists, usurers, and puppets that will be put under fire.

      And on (forgive me!) another somewhat unrelated note, I did some reading on Tsipras himself. Apparently this hardened soldier of the working class is the son of a man who operated a construction company. What’s more? This company was run during the successful times of Colonel Papadopoulos that these leftists hate so much! This is the representative of the working class, the voice of the farmers?! Oh lord, how has his clown slipped through the cracks?

  4. This is the problem with Capitalists and Marxists, they think they can run a country like a company.

    Currently, Greece is repaying it’s debt under the agreements organised by PASOK/ND. Even at this rate, many economists think its unlikely Greece can ever pay off its debt. If you decide to simply just pay less, like this Syriza pimp is proposing, you’re essentially signing up for an eternity of debt. It would be passed down from generation to generation, you’d never really see the end of it.

    It’s a vicious cycle, because all the debt contracts economic growth and stability. If GDP increased significantly, then repaying the debt is possible, but the austerity itself does the opposite to GDP.

    The only solution is to default on the debt, and drop the Eurozone. Let those paedophiles in Brussels watch their ‘project’ collapse, as their economy falls like domino pieces. Greece will fall to, but they’ll be able to re-build from the ground up, free of the Jewish banking system.

    • Amen! Perhaps it will be traumatic, yet the now isn’t? I have been feeling awkward ever since the early summer of 2008, it’s been nothing like the kind of security and relative content I had been feeling all my life right up until that point.

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