13 comments on “Hail Victory of the Golden Dawn – Article by Ilias Kasidiaris

  1. Inspiring article. The fact that Golden Dawn survived the onslaught by the traitor class is a victory in itself. Well done Golden dawn.

  2. I’m concerned that the Eurocrats will actually allow SYRIZA to refinance–thereby giving them a claim on economic success; and this will give them the time they need to socially reengineer Greece. There are only 10 million of us in Greece, and those of us in the diaspora are rapidly breeding ourselves out of existence. Our ethnos is a fragile thing… How can XA save it when they are only 17 in the parliament?

    • Refinancing does not give SYRIZA economic success. Greece is a country that had almost no industry or production, in fact a huge reason why the country had money at all running through it during the 90’s and Early 2000s was because of a public sector that artificially produced a middle class. Now that the money ran out to pay for the phony public sector, the country showed it’s true economic weakness.

      Not only that, but SYRIZA flooding the country with legal or illegal immigrants in a country where unemployment ranges from 40-80% among Greek youth certainly doesn’t improve the economic prospects.

      • I think there are precedents for massive repatriation. But as time goes by it will be difficult. Miscegenation is a curse that will make it much more so. The modern precedents all come from the third world–Algeria expelling the pied noirs, Idi Amin expelling Indians, Zimbabwe expelling whites. Bulgaria was unable to expel the Turks in 1989, and in fact, have created a huge problem by allowing a huge population in Turkey to vote in their elections and go back and forth between the two countries.

        For that matter, Turkey was able to expel the post-Lausanne Greek population (ostensibly protected by the treaty) while Greece was unable to take even modest measures to rid itself of disloyal Muslims in Thrace (Article 19 of the Greek constitution that the Turks complained about so much).

        The amount of pressure that countries like Germany, France, the UK, and the USA will put on Greece if it ever tries to preserve its ethnic character in this way will be incredible.

        I agree with your economic assessment, but all SYRIZA needs to do is provide the veneer of economic success to buy themselves enough time to immense cultural and demographic damage.

      • Yes, providing a veneer of economic success is definitely what they would like to do. Actually New Democracy was doing the same thing for a while having the TV swear things were improving, but people just weren’t seeing it in real life.

        Because of that, SYRIZA will have to really do something drastic to get people to believe them at this point.

      • I.e., by refinancing–lowering payments, they will be able to spend more money in the short-term, making it seem as if the 80’s and 90’s era PASOK status quo has returned.

        Most Greeks maybe don’t realize that the country needs to produce goods to achieve real prosperity. Where is the entrepreneurial spirit there?

        Greece needs it’s own Nokia or Nestle, not more government jobs that don’t add any net value to the GDP.

      • This is exactly what they intend to do, they are promising to give these civil servants their jobs back, but if that was the case that means the only people getting jobs again are over the age of 40, so in effect that does nothing to remedy the younger workforce, and that would ultimately destroy their future voting base.

        This of course is assuming the EU and IMF will agree to that strategy, after all they know that all Greek civil servants do is smoke cigarettes and drink coffee, it’s like pouring money into a black hole feeding villagers. It’s kind of like feeding dogs filet mignon and all they do is throw it back up on the carpet and walk away until you feed them again.

      • I’m surprised that you say that that greece had no production or industry. I think we always had a great economy from even ancient times. The only difference was the greek government wasn’t taxing enough to run the government and hence the collapse and the borrowing AND THATS IF WE ACTUALLY NEED THESE LOANS. I hope some foreigners do not think that they found their cash cow with greece.

        Having a 10 million population forever never growing and 3 million of them are foreigners is a disgrace for greece.

        Greece has alot of issues to face the most important ones on the agenda being-

        1. Why do people leave greece? Is it economic as in jobs? Familial arguments? Not knowing or
        caring about your identity?
        Turkey scaring off some with it’s military airplanes violating greek airspace all the
        time? (I do believe this is one reason), Greece is to expensive to live in?, the government
        is bad and does nothing for the people, crime.

        2. Why do some greeks lose their patriotism? Is it an agenda from outside forces? Does Greece have to build that from within? As in creating more holidays that celebrate Hellinismo. Does it have to do with the schools? As in putting more emphasis on greek culture.

        3. Removing Greece from the EU.

        4. War with Turkey over Cyprus. One greek shouldn’t be able to sleep at night when another
        greek can’t.

        5. Why aren’t greek couples in greece having more children?
        Is it because SOME men act like neanderthals and SOME women act like B——? As in
        some could really have bad social attitudes against the opposite sex.
        Is it a fight over economics?
        I don’t know what other reasons there could be. I just don’t know.

      • Greece did have some manufacturing industry until the late 70s when they deliberately destroyed it in order to make Greeks more dependant on the public sector and vote for the corrupt regime in power.

        Before the early 70s, many parts of Greece didn’t even have electricity. Who told you Greece has had a constant robust economy since ancient times? There were indeed prosperous periods in ancient Greece and Byzantium but since 1821 when the modern state was formed Greece was generally poor by western standards.

  3. Much more than a victory Athanassis, it was a sensational victory! What, with the zionist controlled media and the intimidation at polling booths, with the so called police looking on and doing nothing. Then what about Golden Dawn Mps, even that didnt work …!! A “level playing field” my friend and Golden Dawn WITHOUT A DOUBT would now be governing that beautiful country of yours and giving your children a future…!!!

  4. Xaameriki- the Turkish and Slavic squatters ate what we had. I read alot. There were imports from and exports to all the greek colonies anciently.

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