29 comments on “SYRIZA Immigration Minister: “We will give citizenship to immigrants who were born or grew up here.”

    • Why is Syriza government and most Greek politicians so stupid to allow bringing in more of these immgrants and refugees? More Muslim immigrants now means bringing in more ISIS, Al Nusra Front, Islamic Front and Al Qaeda supports and fighters. So they want Greece to become like Syria and Lebanon? They are going to make Athens into Raqqah and Aleppo with their free immigration policy, they are going to harm Greece and harm themselves in the end. Cant they see what their policy will lead to?

  1. Their other ideas, destructive as they are, do not even compare to this. This is a catastrophe waiting to happen. If ANEL is truly a right wing force, I do not see how they could tolerate this. If they have any integrity towards their own voterbase, they will have to break the coalition the second this is put forth in parliament. I don’t exactly have much faith in them though.

    But then again, I also don’t believe Syriza is going to implement this in any case. Just recently, their strong support of Russia has turned an approval of sanctions against Russia anyway! Even by the standards of corrupt politicians, they are going back on their promises at breakneck speed. At this point, they likely do not have the political clout to push this policy anyway. I didn’t expect Syriza to have a good government but I did expect that their would at least be some deviousness to prolong their policies and themselves for as long as possible before the inevitable end. But currently, they are more like a chicken with its head cut off.

    Hell, Hellenic nationalists may not even have to do anything at all. Syriza is destroying itself and our MPs haven’t even entered the parliament of the new government for the first time yet!

  2. A few questions:

    1) Why isn’ the KKE a part of SYRIZA or in a coalition government with it?

    2) A few years ago, there was an article online talking about how ND used the Church to get elected and then betrayed it by promoting all those scandals in 2004 (the Mt. Ethos land swap, ridiculous scandals with monks and 30-year-old women, etc.). Do you happen to know an link to any good information about this?

    3) Does Ieronymos have the fortitude to resist SYRIZA? Is he sincere? Or does he just care about his palati?

  3. I think a lot of Greek-Americans and nationalists from other countries underestimate just how much a form of cultural marxism has taken hold in Greece. I’d had to roll my eyes many a time as I hear my Greek relatives complain about how we Americans (mis)treat “the mavroi”.

    So Greeks ARE susceptible to losing face for “racism.”

    Despite having more first hand knowledge of Muslims than any other country in Europe–Greeks have sympathized with the Palestinians, even though most of those Greeks are Jew-wise, too much empathy with Muslims can be easily exploited. (And let’s face it, the Muslim Palestinians treat the Orthodox there as bad as the Israelis.)

    Finally, because of their long flirtation with leftism/communism, many Greeks are enthralled by Jews, who have long been vastly overrepresented as communist theoreticians and politicians.

    • Athanasius it’s not they pity the mavroi its they believe in their propaganda at all turns as in if a white walks the blacks label them as racist, if a white talks hes a racist, if a white breathes he is a racist etc etc.

      You need to correct your relatives tell them what I said. Cause of what I see oi mavroi theloune anarchy here.

      • Let me tell you something… this is uniquely insane This is outrageous. It happens only in Greece. I presume this is Not accidental. Could you find another civilized country that has to undertake and bear this style of immigration policy?
        Although we Greeks we are Not racists at all at the same time in such a small and lovely country the size of Florida one day…………. we have to replace the indigenous with the immigrants ( as Mr Kokinos former Judge at the Superior Court in an article at the ESTIA Journal has reported ) for the sake of the votes toward the politicians who are striving to legalize the immigrants and their presence in this country.

        Suppose a couple of immigrants reaches the country and within a year is giving birth….automatically mother’s child becomes……( and eventually within a sort time the couple also ) can you imagine Greek citizens !!

        This is exactly what is happening in this country with that kind of naive politicians Not capable to stand against the Dublin II policy and letting Greece become the dumping ground – landfill for the rest of ……………………………..”EUROPE”

    • Well I am a leftist and a socialist, or at least used to be. But I also know that bringing in all these Muslim immigrants into Greece is dangerous and evil. Today, it essentially means importing ISIS, Al Nusra Front, Islamic Front and Al Qaeda terrorists and supporters into Greece. Cant Syriza voters and politicians see that their long term immigration policy will turn Athens into a city like Aleppo, Raqqah or Mosul today? Bloodshed, chaos and beheadings. By the way, I am a Lebanese Arab Orthodox Christian and I know what I am talking about. You Golden Dawn guys might dislike me but I greatly respect and love Greece.

  4. Im going to throw a cat among the pigeons here and say let her do it. For several yrs now we have all on some levels been fighting to try and change useful idiots point of view using facts , figures and examples to no avail. The only option left now is to let them do what they want. Most syriza supporters only voted for them purely on their economic promises and since most GD members were not in any type of media panel discussions for months so couldnt challenge them on other issues such as this one. Plus the majority of syriza support currently are fence sitters anyway so wait till athens gets dubbed athinistan and the hoards of invaders make walking in the streets as dangerous as staying in kabul then people will realise their mistake and vote for the GD. You cant force people through a door they dont want to enter as they can always turn back but when they realise they need to walk through a door to the other side thats when you have them changed for life. Its a crappy scenario and will come at a price but its the only one that will work and no amount of rhetoric or shoutingt at the top of ones voice will cut it any longer. Its reached a point that all these useful idiots will have to feel first hand the repercussions of their actions to wake up. All we can and should do is to throw “i told you so’s” into their faces.

    • Very good point.
      When it comes to this huge issue, after all this time arguing and fighting with them, even with my family members and relatives, providing arguements, resonating why, giving examples, statings facts, truths etc..even ending up gettig enraged over it, and still listening to the old “GD might have a point but you are extreme, criminals and fascists, and neoNazis nostalgic of Hitler’s great idea of the 3rd reich and GD should soften and be more diplomatic, stick with the current regime to gain power later” blablabla and also hearing them say “all people are equal of value and those immigrants are poor, starving, in search of a better future and its not their fault they come here, the Americans destroyed and bombed their countries” I am Now officially giving up….no matter what sense you talk into them, no matter how many facts, examples and reasoning you provide they will still, Still push play to the “cassette” and start preaching how much of a nazi or fascist you are and that GD are “criminals” who belong to prison..They are mentally dysfunctional, plain parrots repeating that type of equal rights and humanity propaganda they ‘ve been programmed strong into in order to get you emotional motivated, erasing common sense, big time victims of cultural Marxism taking hold in Greece rapidly and strongly all along the decades ’70 to this day.

      Only those who still have a brain alive and functional, they can think on their own, and/or are personally affected and live or work nearby these 3rd world African and Asian “poor” invaders understand full consciously what GD and nationalists have been trying to make sense of and warn them about.

      I grew so tired and sick, deliberately sick explaining and in majority always getting the same kind or very similar of a cassette speaking as a reply back. So yes, absolutely yes, let them now rapidly and painfully feel all the effects in the next short years, won’t take too long, let them see themselves for a few years their peaceful clean Greek beloved neighborhoods turn in all these ghettos and 3rd world stinky hell holes their fella chords of muslim and African cockroaches will create, they have every right to see what’s that like and how it feels to really witness and live all these transformations in order to fully realize it like many Athenians do now in a big scale around the center.
      They have every right to live that nightmare and live it 1rst hand.
      Then GD new upcoming members and numbers of growth will skyrocket, it’s not like GD is here to go away and disappear 1 day, haha not even to their wildest dreams, their conviction is stronger than a 10 nation’s army and no money or high expectations could ever buy off those who live and breath for their morals and their spiritural heritage as the spirit and high principals are so much stronger in depth and time than the materialistic sick perverted world the true, sneaky, weak and inferior Jews have to offer.

      That is why at the end of the day I totally agree with the point you are trying to make, that could be the worse scenario -but without a doubt- the most powerful and the most effective one on the long run.

      • Dont worry MK i get the same broken record as well. They complain about crime etc and albanians but in the same breath call me a fascist racist or whatever else. I just laugh now and tell them wait and see and you will be sorry that you didnt listen to me. I have 2 friend here where i live who is my best friends at that and both were bleeding heart liberals. Now today, they are the biggest racists i know and it took me yrs to point out things and they werent even willing to entertain such notions, well they ended up walking through that door on their own and now there is no turning back for them and at the very least they acknowledged i was right all along. Its sad that many cant use logic and reason but then again if they could they wouldnt be voting for the likes of syriza in the first place. They need to have shock treatment and as we both can agree its the worst route to go as it involves a cure scenario and not a prevention scenario which is cheaper and easier to do but it is the only option left but it will be a lasting one in the GD favour

    • If someone is incompetent you don’t let them rule.

      If someone is a traitor you don’t let them rule.

    • At who’s expense Dion (“with the I told you so’s?).

      Polmarkarch- the greek politicians are not naive. There is an agenda from outside forces deliberately.
      They are bought. That’s how I see it.

  5. They need to arrest and deport these sakatameni traitors.

    If political groups are aiming their filth at greek youths under the legal age they need to be banned.

    What filthy traitors they are!

  6. I look forward to the day when the ‘parasites’ are driven out of Greece and the rest of Europe, hopefully the next time will be forever. I hate these parasitic motherfuckers and their traitorous lapdogs with a passion. These conniving SOB’s have stripped our people of their pride and senses all across Europe and the world, fuck them. In an ideal society these motherfuckers would be in a prison cell awaiting execution. In fact, I wouldn’t be against a renewal of the old Roman Colosseum days where such SOB’s could be pitted against lions for entertainment purposes…

    • Whom are you talking about? Jews or these politicians? Jews now have Israel, and Israel has nuclear weapon. No one would seriously try to get rid of Jews now, because of the Israeli nuclear weapon and the Samson Option. These politicians are opportunists to a great extent. When Golden Dawn Party would get power, these politicians would swear loyalty to it because they love their careers and salary more than anything else in the world.

  7. Chrisostomos- I totally agree. It’s the foreigners way of gaining.

    Look at our beloved compatriots in Cyprus. Turkey and Britain pitted greek against greek used the old ploy divide and conquer —” that the junta was at fault blame the junta.”

    And the result of that is what?

    Foreigners occupying greek land and fellow greeks being subject to them.

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  9. Mass immigration is to screw up Christianity! To cause cheas between Muslims and Christians, to mix the races, to weaken society, and the Jewish state to grow.

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