7 comments on “Citizenship and Nation: SYRIZA Plan To Grant Amnesty To Illegal Immigrants

  1. Is it possible for the government to collapse and snap elections to be called in the near future? Will the Greek people wake up if that happens? 42% voting for either SYRIZA or KKE is a disgrace.

    • 42% of voting for SYRIZA or KKE is hardly surprising in an economic crisis, PASOK and New Democracy have completely discredited themselves. KKE is small though, Syriza rose because it promised radical change and end to austerity, that is why Greek people voted for them. New Democracy did a lot to discredit any notion of being right wing as well.

  2. “Let us stand up to the gradual ethnic cleansing of our lands by capitalists, Zionists, and Marxists, or else we will go the way of the American Indian.”

    It won’t be long until they’re saying that about the American White unless Americans take a page from the Greek playbook and band together under a racial nationalist banner. If you are not a White man whose ancestors descended exclusively from European bloodlines,then you do not deserve American citizenship.White Europeans built every country that matters, and most of them did it with ideas,philosophies, and concepts borrowed from Greece.

    I personally think it is an insult to Greece that America allows blacks,Turks,various assorted Asians and muslims,and jews to pretend to live in a democracy together with civilized White people.
    I’m sure that Greeks know better than anyone that “democracy” is not a magical elixir that transforms bloodthirsty crusading Mohammedans into peaceful productive laborers.

    If the borders of civilization are not drawn around a homogeneous European people of healthy stock and good character, then all the democracy in the world simply amounts to another way to rape, rob, or cannibalize others.

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