12 comments on “Τhe Revolution Is Over ! Varoufakis: “We shall continue the privatizations”

  1. Haha oh my lord! Has anyone been keeping track of how many promises they have either backed out of or flat out broke? I have personally lost count. This was one of the few things I was applauding Syriza for, and now they mess even that up.

    So if anyone has been keeping score, do share with the rest of us.

  2. Two men kissing , what a outrage !
    Shame on them ! Disgusting disgraces !
    Anyone who supports these groups are traitors to the Hellenic people and their way of life !
    Heil victory Hail Golden Dawn !

    • The Hellenic way of life died a long time ago, maybe when the Ottoman Turks conquered Greece around 1453. What is the Hellenic way of life? Most people in Greece cant define that, they became hedonistic individualistic consumers. Who are traitors? Before Golden Dawn used to complain about Samaras, now they complain about Tsipras. Many people are not mature enough to elect Golden Dawn, so they go back and fourth electing Samaras, Syriza or other guys.

      • The Hellenic way of life didn’t fade after 1453 !
        The Holy Greek Orthodox Church preserved the Greek way of life before and after 1453!
        Hellas has and always will have its own way of life! That’s why in 1821 Thousands of real Greeks spilled their blood to make Greece Free! That’s why Golden Dawn is fighting today as well !
        Finally yes indeed if any real clean Greek votes for homosexuals race mixers or atheists are and always will be traitors!
        Know this every Greek , 20 percent of the entire Greek race must carry the rest! Only the pure at heart and mind will save our beloved Hellas land of the Hellenic blood line!
        All Greek s must sacrifice for our Blood line and vanquish all traitors and haters !

      • I’m sure some do have an agenda and ulterior motives in stating that greeks don’t exist.
        To me what i think of the Turks is they are just squatting leaches on Greece.

        The Hellenic way of life means valuing anything thats Hellenic is sacred.

      • Oh and by the way Golden Dawn isn’t the only one complaining about the greek government traitorism.
        There is alot of greeks that are complaining. Some say individuals in the greek government should be charged with treason. And I totally agree on that.

  3. So SYRIZA is going to create a Greece full of hostile xenoi, that doesn’t own its own infrastructure or natural resources, that doesn’t value the family, and that has no common cultural or religious assumptions. What will be left for XA to save?

  4. I don’t mean to be so negative–excessive pessimism is definitely not one of the better characteristics of modern Greeks. And I think that XA’s optimism and taking action are definitely laudable…but I do fear that the problems being created can’t be undone by any political party.

    • Chrysi Avgi is not a mere political party though. Chrysi Avgi is a movement, the manifestation of our ancestor’s will. The xenoi will be removed, the infrastructure and resources will be retaken from the occupiers, true morality will be reinstated, and the culture of our race will be reunited. We can do these things. Hellas has resisted both invasion and occupation for thousands of years. This is but the latest of challenges. And so long as even some sons and daughters of Hellas stand proud, we will survive.

      ZHTO H NIKH.

  5. Bousti thes about these 2 loony homos kissing!

    The greek press is all over golden dawn criticizing but are they all over this?!
    The greek press is unethical, 2 faced and only presents one side which is whatever they want.

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