28 comments on “VIDEO: IMIA 2015 Remembering The Fallen

  1. I wonder what the Golden Dawn thinks about Orthodox Christians from Lebanon and Syria, maybe this new Hellas that Golden Dawn wants to create should include Lebanon. You know, Greeks used to control parts of Syria and Lebanon during the Byzantine times. I used to live in Thessaloniki for a while before migrating to USA. Greeks are a very decent people.

    • Hi Gregory I don’t think they want to make a new Hellas I think they just want to preserve the old one.

    • I don’t speak for Golden Dawn, but I don’t think that they are Byzantinists when it comes to nationalism. Byzantium was, after all, a multinational empire. That said, many of the Orthodox in Syria and Lebanon have Greek blood. Moreover, Orthodox Christians are Greece’s natural allies–even Bulgaria, which has been an enemy in the past–for the foreseeable future has the same interests as Greece does.

      • Golden Dawn are not Byzantinists, while we do respect many aspects of our Byzantine history we are not interested in resurrecting specifically Byzantium or Ancient Greek society.

        Social Nationalism takes influence from our history both ancient and byzantine but it is very much an ideology designed to combat the problems Greece faces in this day and age.

        Many of these problems never existed in byzantium or ancient Greece or even the junta so simply having a nostalgic or reenactment goal is not what we are about.

        In fact a common misconception by many leftists and even some ex-junta supporters is that we simply wish to resurrect the Junta of 1967. This is incorrect because we feel that the situation and circumstances today call for a complete ideological world view and not just anti-communism, anti-immigration or traditional values alone.

        Today Greeces biggest problem, more than any of these things is the internal issues that hold us back as a people, the “spiritual sickness” that leads to the external threats and corruption being able to do the damage.

        A nation just like a living body needs “antibodies” to fight diseases inside the body, if the body is healthy it can engage in dealing with physical threats outside of it, if the body is not healthy it is pointless to talk of fighting the external.

        For example, in Greece today there are many Greeks who sit drinking coffee philosophizing about how the Greek army should take back Constantinople from the Turks.

        But when they are posed with the question “Even if we destroyed all the Turks and took over Constantinople, what population would we have to put there? ” They draw a blank stare and have no answer. You can’t logically take back Constantinople when you have a birth rate below replacement level, abortions, emigration of youth etc.

        That’s when you discover that these people are simply “philosophically masturbating”, to the past of byzantium in a cafe, and not part of the solution today. We are interested in addressing this spiritual/mental problem in the Greek society and only social nationalism addresses this.

      • The last Greeks to be expelled from Asia Minor happened in 1922, which means even people who were small children then would be unable to settle there since the ones surviving are in their 90s now.

        Cyprus however is a different scenario since there are still people living who remember where their homes are.

        The only way to repopulate Asia Minor with Greeks is to start having an infrastructure and population growth that can support it, the state would have to subsidize families that move there. This is why these social and internal issues are so vital.

      • I disagree that Byzantine was a multinational empire. I think it was a very ancient greek city with a huge greek population and a few foreigners.

      • With due respect to George, in these persistent pivotal times, when on the threshold of destiny for the whole world, we can indeed believe to fight all our historical battles in one go, simultaneously. Constantinople is for Greece what Kosovo is for Serbia, we are not talking about either the legacy of modern Athens or Belgrade here we are talking the very roots of our respective identities, what defines us all both as individuals and in the collective. And both Constantinople and Kosovo were taken by a combination of violent force, coercion and scorched earth. Our contemporary demographic trends don’t relate especially to these historical crimes against our peoples by others, only if we forget does it begin to compound the effect on the heritage as a whole. Spirits of our saints dwell in the invisible realm above these lands, so we have a duty to claim them even though we are physically not there. Last but not least take heed of words of great saints Kosmas Aetolios, Paisios and Joseph – everything they talked about when they were here among us is falling into place right before our own eyes. True it’s not the be all or end all of our existence, but there is more than a real hope in it I honestly do feel. The power of truth conquered whole empires throughout history. The power of ancient Assyria, for example, was unprecedented in its time, with great tales of extravagant conquest and glory, only to be eventually destroyed altogether by a coalition of different peoples. The same is to be said for Persia and Macedonian Greece. Russian warrior prince Alexander Nevsky used saintly wisdom to destroy both the Tatar yoke and western crusading barbarians, respectively. When I look at people like Erdogan or Davutoglu, I see unfortunate clowns not really knowing what they are doing, their entire position and situation is a lie, there is no firm root left in any of it. And that’s already enough reason to keep diligently laying claim to the unredeemed lands.

      • Indeed you are correct that Constantinople serves as a focal point for Hellas and it’s significance cannot be denied.

        Unfortunately, unlike the Serbs, many Greek males have become softened by the westernized influence in Greece, they are not battle hardened by recent wars and struggle like the Serbian people went through in the 1990s.

        This is why we have an unfortunate epidemic of “cafe philosophers” who sit drinking coffee talking about being patriots, about retaking Constantinople, about how Greeks should do this or that while at the same time critisizing Golden Dawn.

        They are more interested in the fantasy of things like taking back Constantinople rather than discussing the reality of what exactly it will take to reclaim it.

        This is also a problem in the US where you have many Greeks claiming to be patriotic but when it comes to actions of any kind even just political actvism they are nowhere to be found.

      • Erdogan might be something of a clown, but he has the interests of his people at heart, which if more than we can say for any PM Greece has had for the past 40 years.

        Constantinople certainly has a very important place in the Greek imagination and is important to Greek identity –but do you know what is even more important? The Greek people. If we don’t have the people we don’t have anything. Look at the Chinese, they have suffered every sort of privation, degenerate government, and even cultural destruction imaginable, but the people persisted, and so there was always potential for the future. THAT is what we need.

        We also face the problem of losing our identity in the diaspora. I wish there were ways to bring Greeks together so they married each other and so they had children and formed communities abroad. It is very hard for me to find a Greek girl in the USA.

      • Athanasius I agree. You see some greeks abroad marry xeni and they baptize their kids greek orthodox, teach em greek, even teaching the spouses greek so why don’t you marry greek in the first place? It’s ridiculous.

        Go to Eligible Greeks.com and sign yourself up there.

      • There are more Turks in Constantinople than there are Greeks in the world. Retaking the City is a project of many decades, if not centuries. It is not something any of us will live to see, even if we as Greeks do everything in the most strategically correct way.

        Our near-term goals should be developing a stronger culture and mental attitude, having lots of children, promoting our culture, developing business links around the world, capitalizing and building infrastructure in Greece, and driving the Turks out of Cyprus.

        Anything else becomes more like fantasy. The only other major goal I can think of is pushing of autonomy for the Greeks in Northern Epirus. I think this is more strategically sound than independence because it gives us a say in Albania’s internal affairs and we ultimately want a friendly Albania. To that end, we should heavily promote the Orthodox Church in Albania and remind them that they are part of European culture ultimately, not Asiatics.

      • Athanasius, I hope you find a good Greek woman. Please don’t be like those sellouts who bring their orientals into our communities with their sickening smug look on their faces. Greeks who marry non-Europeans in particular have spat in the face of the Greek ancestry, so why are they hanging about our communities. Please go away and go live in the community you have chosen to ‘marry into’ and destroy yourself with.

      • Yes George, I feel your frustration with these nationalists who talk tough on historical issues but then take a proverbial s*** on all of it when they fall right into the trap of the enemy, by vilifying (a very active) Golden Dawn.
        We Serbians are somewhat more battle hardened than Greeks on average, but then again we can’t ignore the fact it is actually Greece which put the authentic, independent national struggle, back into world politics in the later part of the last century. It started first with the audacious yet exceptionally visionary intervention of the patriotic colonels in 1967, when neo-Marxist fever was spreading wildly across Europe especially among the youth. Sadly it culminated in an outright betrayal of the Hellenes everywhere, at the hands of Nato so called “allies”.
        Everything which Kissinger personally barked about Greeks as a people in retrospect can be regarded as a prophetic warning what would later befall the Serbian nation, as the other old, native Balkan Orthodox country, with an uncompromising desire for national freedom and independence, come what may. The globalists started it all off with you the Hellenes, i.e. they saw to it that you were attacked directly because they couldn’t get you to reconcile your deep commitment to your national history and heritage, with their vainglorious, whitewashing internationalist “strategic” goals.
        But let’s not forget the IMIA incident in particular, which came just 1 year after a US semi diktat for “peace” in Bosnia was brokered and Serbians tragically driven out of our Krajina homeland by Nato armed “Croats” (our own “Cyprus”). Indeed I personally only found out several years ago, after looking into the whole narrative of Greco-Turkish conflict in the Aegean, how it was that extremely smug “diplomat” Richard Holbrooke, the US neocon procurator who brazenly threatened President Milosevic in 1999 how Nato forces were going to wipe Belgrade away from the map if he didn’t accede to Nato demands against our own national sovereignty, who frantically intervened to prevent the escalation of conflict between Greece and Turkey getting out of control, as a result of the IMIA dispute.
        This much proved to me the inherent bluff of Nato, for one, and secondly demonstrated the utter commitment and resolve of the Hellenic armed forces and Greek people, in taking the fight directly to a state accustomed to no moral code of warfare and always relying on some world super power for overall survival. That sums up Turkey perfectly, and it makes sense there was at that time going to be a direct US diplomatic attempt at mediation in the whole affair, because Turkey would have basically wrecked everything for them, simply because of their own nature! And that nature of theirs has only gotten a lot worse since that time, reverting back completely to neo-Ottomanism, trying to resuscitate a corpse from the past. Just keep watch how things keep unfolding over the questions of Thrace and Cyprus, it would pay very much for Golden Dawn as the vanguard nationalist movement to openly and audaciously proclaim 100% sovereignty over Cyprus and Constantinople, the latter being a direct counter attack response for Turkey’s idiotic, infantile attempts at subverting Greek sovereignty in multiple areas. There is nothing to be afraid of, especially now when Greeks have hardened from economic hardship and are battle ready. Retaliate at the Hun in his own language.

      • Xaameriki- just 2 comments I want to state. If people are criticizing golden dawn you need to state did you ever listen to what golden dawn has said themselves or do you listen to the propaganda against golden dawn? Remember something there are very poor greeks out there some who don’t even know how to read or write, who know no history, geography, mythology of Hellas due to the wars that Hellas endured as in WW2, asia minor war etc etc. That’s why I think you should set up free night classes at the schools for adults.

        2nd comment where you state Constantinople is a focal starting point for Hellas. I think the city is the religious starting point for the Hellens as our religion started there but as a national starting point no I disagree.

  2. http://www.demotix.com/news/6782689/anti-fascists-hold-counter-protest-against-golden-dawns-imia-rally#media-6788341

    Here is the anti-fascist faggots counter-protesting against Golden Dawn’s memorial for the 3 dead soldiers. I just don’t get it??
    It’s one thing if these faggots don’t like Golden Dawn, but why the hell would you counter-protest a memorial for 3 dead Greek soldiers, who died defending their own country? Are these people that retarded? What a way to crap on their memory.
    There is only 1 solution when Golden Dawn takes power, and that is to execute these anarchist/leftist leaders for high treason.

    Do these retard junkies not realise that without these soldiers defending Greece, Turkey or the large amount of Muslim immigrants would simply take Greece, and they wouldn’t so free to be the degenerate junkies that they are, as Turkey or any other Muslim occupier wouldn’t (and rightly so) be so ”tolerant” of their recreational drug use, homosexuality, feminism, and every other degenerate lifestyle choice that they make???

    • Although I believe there were legitimate protestors at this gathering we have to remember that they’re generally the mindless followers of this movement. At the core, the organizers and leaders generally work for their masters doing thr dirty work for political purposes. Not only are they financed there protest comes with personal financial renumeration.

      • I don’t understand. Who do you think is protesting this? Greeks? Greeks were in involved in this?

  3. Anyone, greek included that goes against Golden Dawn is an enemy of the Helleniko Ena. I only seek the truth on this earth and I believe Golden Dawn speaks it.

  4. When will there be a article in regards to Nikolaos Michaloliakos and prison and getting out? I heard he can only (by law) only be held for so many months, and march is the final month? Soon this will need to be talked about?

    • I also heard this as well! That they can only stay in prison for 18 months in remand or something, and them they have to be released, until the trial(if there is one)
      Can xaameriki confirm this? I’m busting to find out!

      • Yes, this is correct. Legally they have to release them after 18 months. That 18 months is approaching for Michaloliakos, Pappas and Lagos first.

    • Yes Christ, most of us know that in Greece.
      The leader of potami, Theodorakis in the name, is family with the Jew rat, Kostas Simitis, the former prime minister of Greece with Pasok who betrayed our country with the IMIA incident and was thanking “the Americans” from the inside of the parliament for this unspeakable and heartbreaking for every Greek treachery.

      More specifically, Theorodakis is Kostas Simitis wife nephew, and Kostas Simitis wife is a Jew apparently as well. We have no solid proof for that as media in Greece will never reveal such an information since every right in the mind Greek ultimately hates the Jew Simitis former pm for many reasons, and that would of course make potami which they promote so much look bad, but its common knowledge among the most Greeks in Greece.

      Also he used to be a reporter this guy, not a politician, a heavily paid Bobolas puppy reporter, and he was been accused many times of being laughably theoretic with no political standpoints and a political agenda for his party overall whatsoever.

      The more you dig into it, the more you will notice that all these dirty scumbags polticians in Greece keep recycling themselves all over the last 40 years and somehow they relate from the past to each other, either mostly due to family roots or from professional cycles.

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