29 comments on “An Example of Greek TV Mudslinging Against Golden Dawn

    • Never before has it been so important to have independent, honest voices and sources of information.

      We are – as a Greek society – inundated and overwhelmed with a flood of information from a wide array of sources, but these sources of information, by and large, serve the powerful political interests and business individuals that own them. The main sources of information, for both public and official consumption, include the mainstream media, alternative media, academia and think tanks.

      The mainstream media is the most obvious in its inherent bias and manipulation. The mainstream media indebted to the State is owned directly by large business corporations, and through their boards of directors are connected with a plethora of other major Contracting corporations and elite interests.

      «Η δουλειά μας δέν ειναι να δίνουμε στους ανθρώπους αυτό που θέλουν…αλλά ότι αποφασίζουμε εμείς πως πρέπει να έχουν»…
      Ρίτσαρντ Σάλαντ..πρώην Πρόεδρος του CBS.
      Richard Saland ex former president of CBS….Our intention – job is not to give to the people what they really want but rather what we decide that they should have

      .Γίγαντες της ενημέρωσης που ανήκουν στη Λέσχη Μπίλντερμπεργκ, στο Συμβούλιο Διεθνών Σχέσεων, στο ΝΑΤΟ, στη Λέσχη της Ρώμης και στην Τριμερή Επιτροπή ελέγχουν το παγκόσμιο δίκτυο πληροφοριών. Giant corporations that they belong to the Bilderberg group and the CFR Council on Foreign Relations, NATO,Club of Rome and the Trilateral Commission are controlling the Global Information Network !!

      From the Best seller of Daniel Estulin……..The Truth about Bilderberg Group.

  1. Oh yes, I am sure Chrysi Avgi should feel very guilty calling out people who have stolen millions of dollars, led the entire nation into a mountain of debt that it will never climb out of, and then arresting leaders of the very same people who have pointed out these crimes.

    Speaking of which, the trials are apparently going to begin soon as the government has called for them to stand trial. It seems they are going to try and squeeze these courts in a time span of what is now less than 2 months. I must admit that I have a bad feeling about it though. Real justice has been in short supply from the government, especially in recent times. For all we know, someone simply must snap their fingers and our leaders will be illegally detained for an even longer amount of time. Suffice to say, I do not have much faith in the stooges who have been assigned to determine the verdict on the imprisoned leadership.

    If this happens, Chrysi Avgi must be prepared.

  2. I’d love to hear more about the upcoming trial, namely who’s going to be in charge of it, how legitimate it’s going to be and what GD is planning to do if some of the leaders are indicted and given long prison sentences.

    • I certainly hope that does not happen cause of what I see what it means in reality-

      It means that it is illegal to be greek in Greece. They are putting the nationalists on trial.

      Golden Dawn is going to be at the hands of xeni, be prosecuted by the xeni to. Golden Dawn

      needs to be prepared for the worst. If it doesn’t happen even better but be prepared for the worst.

      If other greeks are listening right now from greece and you have any power in the government just wanted to say one of the reasons i’m proud to be greek is because greeks will always fight for whats right. Don’t railroad Golden Dawn due to others unknowledgeable bias opinions.

      Golden Dawn is fighting so Greece won’t become a nation of immigrants and that greek nationalism won’t dissolve. America IS a nation of immigrants.
      If America is one why should greece become one to? What does one have to do with the other?

  3. was the main gd site hacked again? when i click the site it says ?
    “An Error Was Encountered

    Site Error: Unable to Load Site Preferences; No Preferences Found”

  4. This is just a general inquiry. What happens when someone ‘accuses’ us of supporting Golden Dawn on a facebook post and threatens us? After all, Golden Dawn is a legitimate Political Party, isn’t it. I have just received a threat, which I am trying not to let get to me, but I also understand these people are psychopaths. Any suggestions?

    • If you feel threatened report this immediately to the authorities in your area and press charges if possible. I would advise you to change your privacy setting to a more limited, private audience.

  5. Hi, that they have reported me to the ‘authorities’ and I will be expecting a knock on the door, Odd, because he also accused me of hiding under a false name; my name on facebook is my real name. I assume he’s in Greece; I’m in Australia – I told him if he threatened me again I would be going to the authorities. He was just full of hate it was incredible. I am not going to try to let it get to me however. I told him to move to North Korea if he is such a good lefty.

    • Whatever he says just say Zito Golden Dawn and don’t tell anyone it’s your real name ever.

      Honestly no one should have their last name anywhere on the internet if your phone # and address is listed they can show up to your house. Or they can even stalk you and rob you.

      As for this man to me he sounds weird but still becareful about the rob remark.. There are men like 1 percent out of 100 that talk to women in a negative way. Why I don’t know.

      My example- I post an online ad to meet a nice guy. And I specifically say, “Please send a pic in your first email because I didn’t sign up for no blind dates”. He writes (this is just one of a few stupid statements)
      “I didn’t sign up for no blind dates lol ignorant slut.”
      To which I replied, ” I don’t want anything as ugly as you before me. Yeah so?”

      • He might think I’m hiding under some pseudo name because it’s female and a female can’t possibly say anything in favour of Golden Dawn! I was a bit shaken up at first and perhaps should be a bit more careful, but we live in a democracy and people should respect others opinions. this guy then went on to say that he is a true believer in democracy – yet he threateed me for expressing my opinion!

      • If he’s in Greece and you’re in Australia, there isn’t much you can do. If he were in the USA, I could help you out. Eimai dikigoros.

  6. Thanks for the support. I actually feel sorry for him; he is clearly brainwashed and hypocritical and can’t see that. I also noted he did not have any ‘friends’ on his facebook page, but is heavily into politics. And as a good communist, supports pornographic, capitalistic franchises such as Playboy which have commodified women’s body for the glory of the capitalist system!

    • Vicki, hi. I’m a woman myself and I live in Greece. It is very very common to us here, both from libtard “democrats” men and women, especially hardcore leftists though, like unwashed ANTARSYA or KEEFRA or other anarchists and especially men to threaten in all kinds of stupid ways and call us sluts, us the Golden Dawn female supporters.
      I ‘ve been threarened and called names by unwashed manliness blabla idiots and moron COWARDS anarchists myself sometimes on Facebook, and I wasn’t even posting GD stuff, I was just posting and exposing simply the Greek hating atheist agenda of Syriza and all the marxist leftist agenda. So just imagine.

      Don’t take them by any means seriously, do not be afraid and personally offended when they come around and start talking low of you for your political stands, especially Greek men degrade women, threaren and call sluts and whores us women easily, that is a common low life thing in Greece. They take personal satisfaction those coward monkeys and they feed out of your annoyance and fear if you allow them to get into you, all they do is have a big mouth and threaten, blablabla, especially if you are a nationalist and a woman. That is their purpose anyway, to annoy you and implement fear into you, for standing tall, siding with your patrida and Golden Dawn which they fear like devil fears the cross and for exposing their hateful anti-Hellenic and marxist agenda. My advice is do not “give in” to their coward manliness means and do not allow them to offend you and make you fear by any means, all they do is talking big, these mama butterboys, unwashed complete morons, sitting comfortably to mommy and daddy’s sofa, “fighting nationalists” and threatening with imaginary authorities knowing on your door from a computer, hahaha, oh God! And for what? For defending a legitimate political party of a different ideology of their own?

      It’s just mindless bubbling, words of air, they can’t do Anything else and it’s common for them as true cowards as they are, to expose hate and insults on facebook and other social media at Golden Dawn defenders. Don’t take any of their threats seriously. Let that unwashed moron believe your name there is fake, laugh at his desperate effort to insult you, make you fear and shut your mouth, and raise your voice, throw names at him back and mock him, you can be certain they don’t expect that so much from a woman… He will be almost shocked at the start, then he will be even more irritated and upset his game did not work with you, you can just let him display his hate and laughable effort to terrorize you and then you can completely ignore him. Before he gives up, that will truly leave him humiliated and pissed off.

      Remember, these big mouth little spoiled cowards think they hate us the most, out of pure fear and irritation for we are destroying their plans but we hate them by far more. By no means he can’t do anything to you

    • Vicky,

      Look at it this way, the next time some guy in Greece threatens you on facebook envision this:

      An upper middle class suburb in Athens, a house with icons on the wall and the Greek television is on, the smell of pastitsio, neatly folded clothes ready to be put into drawers, and the sound of keys tapping suddenly interuppted by “Giannaki! The food is ready! Get off that computer!” And then an unwashed agamito malakas running to the dinner table to take a break from threatening women on the Internet.

      There is a 97% chance that this is who is threatening you. Remember that.

      • Thanks again to those who responded and given me advice. I feel much better and will be better prepared when I am threatened again. Coming from Australia people are generally apathetic about politics so this was a new experience for me!

  7. @ vicki remeber when the bolshevic kikes killed all the Russian middle class? Nobody knows for how long they where data mining their names. Facebook and others are the same just a newer technological way. Dont ever put your real names on the net.

    @To Helleniko Ena

    Dont do internet dating. Rather look within your community or extended community. Most men today are pussified so they rather die than be rejected. I pray you find a good man. 🙂

  8. Vicki. Hi from a patriot… I think you are reading too much into what this laughable idiot is saying..I do not know if its true are not but it is going around that your tormentor is a kiddie fiddler ..Just ignore this dirty arsed little creep…

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