13 comments on “Trial At Last! It’s time the schemers are humiliated in Live Broadcast!

  1. Great news, about time too. I hope when GD comes to power the criminals responsible for this illegal detention are brought to justice and imprisoned themselves.

  2. There can be no doubt that Chrysi Avgi is innocent. We do not fear true justice for in the eyes of justice, we have committed no wrong.

    As I have stated before though, my worry comes from the fact that the courts are not fair and just. Rule of law was thrown out the window when our comrades were imprisoned for the pleasure of the media. As it stands, Chrysi Avgi is at the mercy of a mass marketed kangaroo court. I only pray that at least some of those in charge of the verdict have some sense of decency and see through this nonsensical court case and throw it out.

    • Anastais I can totally understand your worry and I find it very reasonable. But the good thing is that THIS time due to the interest over that undefeated uncompromising nationalist ideological and political party called “golden dawn” being not just panhellenic, but almost global, it will be a very blatantly open for the public court case with the media of many countries covering it!
      Which means that they can’t fast and clumsy -with charges for the laughs- claim in the same way why GD constitutes of “a criminal organization” like they did that dark time back in October ’13 when Samaras returned from his trip to NY after giving his life promise to the Jew-American lobby that he would erase GD from the political map. (At this point we can laugh hard now, because the reality is not only the Jew-prostitute jerk’s wish and big dream did not work, but by playing that dirty he managed to raise Golden Dawn’s fiery message and voting numbers more compared to what it used to be prior to the illegitimate detention).

      This time the dynamic of the whole case of GD, the curiosity, support and at the same time de-advertising and its audience has increased by far more, and many European and non European countries have shown great interest to cover the case and thus the corrupted involved filthy lamoyia will be forced to make sense and keep it much more transparent. Of course they will use disgusting traitor pseydo testifies who ll get payed highly to throw mud at our leadership and God knows what imaginary accusations overall, but it will be very hard for them to prove in front of such an extension of attention with international media that GD consists of everything a criminal organization is made of and thus should be imprisoned. That if you think about it is a very good thing and in favor of us and that is what our comrades discuss in Greece in GD offices.

      What’s certain now is they are in a hurry to “cook up” evidence and find as many strong false facts they can find that can stand upright in the court, but they have already faced some difficulties, like a judge well known in law cycles in Athens who’s been serving this filthy corrupted system for years and would take over the case but denied it would have made sense to accuse them for being criminals.
      He literally said himself in the press “i’m a leftist in ideology, but above all, I’m a judge. And I believe in our justice system, I cannot find a single clue that would confirm to me that Golden Dawn operated criminally, thus such an accusation is comical and should be withdrawn”.
      So others will have to do the dirty job now.

      My personal view on it is also that it will be quite hard for them to find all the necessary reasons to make sense on it, they ll have to lie big time and provide solid proof for it this time, such an accusation over a whole democratically elected political party being criminal is not a simple thing, but whatever the case, we shall wait and see what happens.

      Lies and evil only generates more lies and evil, and every treacherous pathetic dirty means they used we can be very sure that they will never be forgotten, I believe with all of my heart that the day will come that it will turn back at their faces like a boomerang.

      • Xaameriki- remember what I said Samaras einai evreos. He was in ny and he promised to erase gd from the political map? A leader of a country when he goes to another country they talk to the same ethnicity as them not another. Know your enemies.

      • We already explained this to you. Now you are trying to say that because Samaras met with Jews in New York that makes him a Jew? Now you are saying Tsipras is a Turkish Muslim because he passes policies that support Turks?

        Why is it so hard to get it through your head that there are plenty of Greeks who are willing to betray Greece and do the Jews dirty work? There are countless European leaders that have met with Jews here, you think that makes them all Jews?

        We know Jews very well Helleniko Ena, we are from New York. However the problem with calling people Jews who aren’t Jews is that if you are proven to be wrong, when you talk about who really IS a Jew, people won’t take you seriously. So we don’t need people spreading bullshit xoriatiko rumors just to sound edgy and clever.

      • I’m not understanding why you are showing me such anger. Please remember whatever I say it’s a reflection off me it has nothing to do with Golden Dawn. You are not responsible for what other grown adults say.

        As for your statement saying that many are willing to betray greece, I agree with that somewhat some do it unknowingly but some have ulterior motives in doing it. That’s how I see it.

        That’s all.

      • I’m not spreading rumors, why would I? I truly believe in that. When you see our beloved cyprus occupied for 30 years plus I do believe the Turks have one of their own in there in our own government.

  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AYswa6CVaDU

    In this video we can see Yanis Varoufakis, the new finance minister of Syriza, the “fresh air” of breath for Greece’s fate as Greek and international media propagandize everyone with lately was a founding member of PAMK, the youth party of Pasok, and he helped founding it along with the very well known in Greece criminal, Dimitris Koufontinas.
    Koufontinas was the main founding member of the anarchist criminal organization “17th of November” and was convicted in prison a few years back!

    Also Varoufakis was former Pasok’s pm Jeffrey Papandreou counselor, Jeffrey Papandreou was the 1rst prime minister in Greece back in 2009 who put Greece under the support mechanism and surveillance of IMF. He also admits that he always sympathized Jeffrey Papandreou personally very much.

    He was also best friends with Andreas and Nikos Papandreou of Pasok, family of Jeffrey Papandreou, and a martyr to Niko’s wedding.

    This man nevertheless supposedly will save Greece from it’s enormously gigantic debt Pasok and New democracy condemned Greece with for 40 whole years in a row, will tear up the memorandum Pasok implemented in the country, and “has nothing to do” with Pasok and all the terrible treachery and mistakes it did to drag Greece into the big money lender’s teeth.

    Since Varoufakis a few years back revealed on the cameras (after the repeating questions of his reporter over what his relations with Pasok and the far left was) that he cooperated with the murderer and far leftist criminal Koufontinas in order to found the Pasok youths movement, we can reasonably and safely associate the information and conclude to the fact that it is like as if he identifies PASOK (panhellenic socialist movement) with the criminal far left revolutionary organization of the 17th of November!

    Now keep in mind that these people are the ones who will put Golden Dawn in trial with the charge of a criminal organization and direct behind the scenes this whole filthy corrupted case that is so blatantly obvious and stinks political deceit from kilometers away! It makes your blood literally boil!

    If someone just digs a little bit more into it will suprisingly find that all of the politicians who come and go in Greece all of the last 40 years, weather they ruled or not, and regardless the political expression they side with, they are all somehow tightly related to each other either by family ties or by past business/friend cycles.

    If that is not some real deep case of corrupted oligarchy running the country for years in all levels under the masks of democracy, then I don’t know what is.

  4. At last this diabolical conspiracy is coming to an end. This must mean that not only are these innocent men released but that real justice prevails, that being that those empty cells are then filled with the sick and greedy”controlled”filth who have almost destroyed your once safe and beautiful country …….!!!

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