12 comments on “VIDEO: General Giorgos Epitideios, Nick Griffin and Roberto Fiore speak on upcoming Golden Dawn Trial.

  1. An excellent interview and I am glad to hear that some of our comrades have already been released (and humorously though predictably enough, mainstream media has made no mention of this). The thing that intrigued me the most though was the talk of the oil.

    The reason for this is rather obvious: many of our problems can be solved by this supply, so long as it is reserved for the Hellenic people. If we exploit this source, we can reduce or outright eliminate expensive oil imports and perhaps even sell excess supplies for a large profit. Oil prices may have fallen a lot in recent times, but only a fool would believe that this is a sign of things to come. No doubt it will shoot back up as it always does.

    The only problem though is that I believe that this oil reserve has not been exploited because of a disagreement with Turkey. I mean unless they are speaking of completely different source in which case correct me. But even if that is the case, it would come down to flexing our territorial rights.

    • Actually what is holding this back more has to do with NATO and the Zionistic powers than simply Turkey.

      The plan our enemies have is to tie the loans to the promise of letting them use our natural resources as collateral. They know the loans cannot be paid back.

      Eventually, they want to replace the Greeks with various races of pakistanis,afghans and africans who will become the slaves and hotel workers. They can not only pay these people less, but it eliminates any possibility of them losing Greece and it’s resources to a nationalist uprising.

      They want to turn it into a bananna nigger country where Germans and Brits will be served drinks by these monkeys and the Jews will handle all the draining of the resources in Greece.

      • I am well aware of all this. Even when the time comes for Syriza to fall and Chrysi Avgi to gain control, we still won’t be out of the woods by any means. I think it is safe to say that even when Chrysi Avgi does win, the powers that be aren’t just going go give up their prize that they have worked so hard to dominate. Syriza is their security measure. If we win, Hellas will no longer be their obedient guinea pig and they know it.

        With this in mind, even the illegal arrests of 2013 seem like small attacks in comparison. Then again, if the Zionists do try anything funny, they will be showing their hand not just to Hellenics but the entire world. For now though, it is just a matter of waiting for Syriza to mess everything up even more with their stupidity.

  2. Great to see Mr Griffin again, a very brave and dedicated true patriot…The very best to you and yours Mr Griffin….

  3. Great to see that Chrysi Afgites have been already released; that’s excellent. Hopefully the rest of the members can be released too on 20th of April.

    But I just got one question, I’ve read so many articles saying that Golden Dawn used to ‘bash’ immigrants on the streets. Can they use this as proof that Golden Dawn is a criminal organisation?

    • Apparently a criminal organization needs to financially profit in order to be classified as such. These is very clear under international laws which Greece has signed.

      • If this is true, then the law is clearly not being effectively enforced. If political parties were actually tried for financially profiting, then New Democracy and Pasok would have been shut down ages ago. It really makes you wonder whether or not these scum felt any sense of irony when they arrested XA leaders on the accusation that they were part of a criminal organization. Chalk it up as yet another reason (as if we need another at this point) to disregard the credibility of the Greek political system.

        With all the money that goes to the food drives and other such aid, it seems pretty much impossible to charge them for being a criminal organization, being that if anything, Chrysi Avgi is losing money. More likely, they will resort to whatever petty crimes they can find to keep our comrades for as long as possible in prison.

        But even that could work in our favor. I mean the media has been bashing Chrysi Avgi for now almost a year and a half, constantly lying about us being a criminal organization and primarily that. So even if they manage to keep Michaloliakos in prison for a little bit longer just for some minor crime, how will that look?

        “Oh remember how we kept telling you that this party was a dangerous group of felons that will try to destroy everything you love for the last 18 months? Well we were completely wrong about that. BUT! …but we did put Mr. Michaloliakos in prison for an additional amount of time due to a minor charge based on his possession of a weapon he kept for self defense. See? We aren’t spineless liars after all!”

        Image is vital for Chrysi Avgi currently. And not insult or understate the troubles facing our comrades, but having a few of them arrested for unrelated crimes and being jailed a little longer is relatively unimportant. They will, after all, be vindicated later. What is most important is that the accusation of us being a criminal organization gets tossed aside and revealed for the sham that it is. So long as that is done, any other minor arrest will be seen as a pathetic and desperate act by the public.

  4. Golden Dawn needs to win some of their enemies over to our side.

    Anyone who tries to shut you up with bad mouth name calling say this-

    I’m a Greek citizen. A greek citizen cannot talk about what goes in Greece in my own country?

    Please rethink your statements of immaturity Golden Dawn.

  5. Whoops! The last sentence shoulda been
    Please rethink your statemments of immaturity towards Golden Dawn.

  6. On the Island of Karpathos between Crete and Rhodes, there have been a number of large hotels built in the last few years, not to mention the longest runway in the Dodecanese, that have seriously affected the local small family owned hotels. One of them built by a free mason and another built by a ship owner. I believe she is Jewish. These hotels are staffed by non Greeks and give nothing to the local economy. They have turned the island into a Disneyland theme park.

    Funny thing happened. As soon as the hotels were completed, tourists started arriving from IsraHell. Airport is cordoned off for two hours prior to their arrival, there was a visit last year from Jew MOJ Nikos Dendias instructing the local police to accompany jew tourist parties at all times on the island.

    I don’t believe this is just to have cheap labour for Germans and Brits. I don’t believe this is about natural resources only.
    Communist anti European Merkel is working night and day to get the Turkies into the EU and the UK is being flooded with non Europeans. Just ask NG.

    This is about attacking all Europeans.

    This is about the The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe and ultimately the plan for a greater IsraHell, the Yinon Plan

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