12 comments on “SYRIZA’s Bullshit Begins: 5 Percent of New Police will be Comprised of Migrants and Gypsies

  1. If “race does not exist”, how will Syriza determine who qualifies for inclusion in the 5 percent quota? This is anti-White racism. This is ethnic cleansing of the Greek people. This is another step toward toward the creation of a balkanized EU gulag. ZOG puts Greek patriots in jail and gives badges to the invaders. But the thing about bullshit is that when the wind changes direction it flies back into the face of those who threw it.

    • With all the due respect to Mr Panoussis and his personality we completely disagree and we remind to the Greek Hellines people, those with some remaining connaissance, that Disaggreement is part of Democracy.

      Access has been made according to the Decree Law 460/2013 of the Supreme Court ΣτΕ….

      This law has put an end to the globalization aspirations and dreams of Mr G.A.P.
      Based to these globalization aspirations – dreams his intention ( after blaming the greeks as a corrupt people.!!)……was to disappear the very meaning of the Nation – Hellenism and definitely decrease the remaining amount of Greeks make them disappear – erase from the map…or attach all of them to a mobus style society were greeks – Europeans – africans – Pakistanis will mingle all together to a bastardized mutated state of society like in the Epoch – Period of Cronus, that we Hellines….during our carnival festivities often mock.

      We remind you all that god Zews has put a final end sort of speaking to this Epoch since has put it back to the junks of the past History………………………………
      gradually opening a New era and a New Epoch for Greece that soon will prosper and advance and make the protagonist Leader.
      Today Humanity has reached the Final limits of Globalization – since we all perceive a Cronial type globalization of poverty, a mutated Europe of immigrants approaching an Orwell Epoch & Fourth Reich conditions.

      Although financially Crucified Greece is the weakest link we firmly believe that is the only one capable to refurbish – revive the European spirit.
      Under these circumstances if our present politicians in the future will let enter in the Military and Police forces muslims….Greece immediately will become a colony country of Mecca with their connationals.

      As we may finally recollect – reflect Hellenism as a supreme Idea as Science – Philosophy – Measure and balance of the things soon will perish and vanish all together and will return to the primordial Monkey Ape state of being.

      The least we are demanding is to let enter at the Police and military forces only Christian Orthodox from other countries in a controlled admission.

      We definitely believe as always has been refereed in he past that Prime Minister Tsipras and and also the Present law conditions are AGAINST ALL THIS AND WILL DO NOT PERMIT it ……

      βλέπε επίσης σχετ.άρθρο του Δικηγόρου…see also lawyers articles.


      και την αυτούσια απόφαση του ΣτΕ 2013


      Polykarpos Markaras

      Georgios Parashakis

  2. Some greeks need beatings to remember they cannot do whatever they want in this world. They need to remember they as the greek government is subject to the native greek population.
    What a filthy government syriza is!

  3. “Here, Panousis spoke out in support of introducing “vulnerable social groups, such as immigrants and Roma”

    We are talking about people who literally defecate on the streets here. And they expect them to uphold the law?! I am hoping to visit Hellas again this year and I can only hope that this “diversified” police force is focused mainly in the cities. Because if I see one trying to control the law in my family’s area, I will lose it.

    Oh, and I really must inquire what the “far right” and “anti-immigrant” party ANEL has to say about this. They will probably continue to betray their voters and pretend this isn’t happening.

  4. Syriza doesn’t recognize greeces religion when she is sworn in.

    Syriza puts foreigners the very ones who want to take greeces territory for their own in “protecting

    How has Syriza protected greeces interests so far? Cause I don’t see any such thing so far.

  5. Mr. Alexis Tsipras
    Prime Minister of Greece

    Q. = What does Marxism or Zionism have to do with Democracy❓

    Q. = What does Jerusalem have to do with Athens❓

  6. ☭ Mr Yiannis Varoufakis
    Finance Minister Greece

    Q. = What does this “New Jerusalem” have to do with Democracy❓

    Q. = What does Jerusalem have to do with Athens❓

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