5 comments on “In the fear of Golden Dawn – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

  1. To my Fellow Compatriots the Hellens-

    As a native born Hellen I ask you are you going to let rival political parties tell you whats the truth about a certain political party? Tell you what you see with your own eyes? Are you sure they are right? Just compare the golden dawn symbol and a nazi symbol side by side. They are not the same thing. Or are you going to determine the truth by yourself? Or do you want to be guided by someones ignorant assumptions?

    I am a very proud Hellen I know alot about Hellas but one of the questions I always wanted answered about Hellas is why is the Hellenic population mostly abroad and that question has been answered.

    The “so called Hellenic” leaders are traitors. They make unbearable laws for the native Hellenic citizenry.

    Is Golden Dawn responsible for that to?

    Help Golden Dawn! Protest against their imprisonment at their trial. If I was in Greece I’d be leading the way.
    Don’t let the foreigners put the nationalists on trial. .It is not illegal to be a Hellenic nationalist in Hellas. Only the foreigners say otherwise.

  2. I feel like, Golden Dawn will become somthen much more to us then just a party.. They will be an inspiration, In this times of such uncertainty in the world. Golden Dawn will be the light that will shine, once people start to looking at the fake light and see the real light.

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