5 comments on “Financial Times: A Syriza compromise will lead to the rise of Golden Dawn

    • If they start a color revolution
      Then we should a anti color revolution !
      Only an ace can beat an ace in I declare war!

  1. “Unfortunately for Syriza, the Greek people are much brighter than they think”
    No they’re not … not by a long shot.

    Oh there’s a small percentage of Greeks (numbers are debatable) who are lambs today – turned lions tomorrow … but the vast majority seem to be a confused, disorderly, and easily-herded mass of systemically co-opted weaklings and cowards, ideologically-rooted fools, innate anti-Hellenes, corrupted komma-toskila, indifferent malcontents and just lost souls.

    This lot gets “let down” by Syriza today? … they’ll turn to Potami tomorrow … or some (yet to be created) BS party after that. In the end, the canary prefers its gilded cage even when the door is open or permanently ripped off its hinges.

    The rise of the nationalists throughout Europa will, by necessity, traverse the roads of economic pain, suffering, unjust persecution, state-sponsored murder, false flag terrorism, marshal law, and ultimately war … not some long-exposed farcical electoral process o-w-n-e-d by our very nemesis.

    That said, GD is an indispensable link in a chain of power being forged across Europa.
    There is a storm coming brothers and sisters … and the earth will tremble.

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