15 comments on “SYRIZA Tore Up Its Election Promises Instead of the Memorandum. Golden Dawn remains the only force against the international money lenders!

  1. I have looked around and it seems that the terns of this deal have yet to be agreed upon. The conditions of this four month extension will be decided on monday. When that day comes, we will have quite the show, what with Syriza doing their best to try to phrase the terms in such away as to help hide the fact that once again the Patrida has been sold out.

    But it seems I don’t even have to wait until monday to be entertained. Already my facebook feed is filled with enthusiasm over what people perceived to be a proud left wing victory over the EU. Will these buffoons ever learn? Some people are just so eager to eat up all of this malarkey in the vain hope that these ex-Pasok scum will somehow save the country that they themselves destroyed. Lets see if the hymns of praise for Varoufakis continue when we get what amounts to a rebranded austerity package.

    • Would you mind copy pasting a few of these comments from these buffoons? I am sure we can all get a good laugh with such things. Even if SYRIZA outwardly admitted it is going ahead with the exact same memorandum, these people would likely still say they support SYRIZA because they voted for SYRIZA and do not want to feel like idiots. So, out of pure selfish ego they would support the government for some time because they do not want to admit they are wrong.

      • I won’t post individual comments as they would reveal my identity (and this being a website anyone can access, would not be ideal for me) as well as those of my “friends” (idiots though some of them may be, I still respect their privacy).

        That said, I feel no danger in posting a publicly view-able facebook thread from the Hellenic American Leadership council that i inadvertently saw due to the fact that a friend posted in it. With the exception of a few sane individuals, it is a treasure trove of misplaced optimism and delusional belief in the Syriza government. So with that, I present to you the die-hard Syriza fanboys:

      • To see the facebook comments themselves, click on the individual interactive button just next to the word “share” at the very bottom, the one with the thumbs up and quote box. Clicking on the picture will only lead to the article itself.

  2. Serious question: Do you think that Greeks are aware of the short-term economic pain that will result in overthrowing the moneylenders and resurrecting the drachma? There will be a drastic reduction in consumption because imports will be prohibitively expensive. People won’t starve, but they won’t be able to buy new cars, new clothes, or new electronics. Will modern Greeks tolerate this?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think that is just what the country needs. In the vacuum, Greece will produce its own food, it’s own energy, and God-willing some industry. Then Greece can be a real country that has something to offer in the modern economy and won’t be dictated to. I also think Greeks will return to church without so many consumer goods (also a good thing IMO).

    But will Greeks tolerate this long enough to reach the positive outcome?

    • The way things are going now, most Greeks already do not have the money to buy new cars, new clothes or new electronics with the currency they have now. So for the average working class Greek it wont make a whole lot of difference in this regard. The salary they are paid in Euros is the lowest in the EU in relation to the cost of products in Greece that are inflated to sometimes double what they are sold for in EU countries like Germany, This includes things like groceries also.

      In regards to your question, it does not have a simple answer, and is largely based on the age group involved. This concept of self sufficiency may seem logical to younger people and most outsiders, but to some of the older generation this concept is completely alien because they have grown up with 4 decades of PASOK-New Democracy type politics, where wealth was generated through civil servant jobs that pay you a fixed amount for your entire life. The idea that Greece needs production or factories or self sufficiency is like speaking Chinese to them. As for if they would tolerate such a change, probably because they have tolerated the politicians raping the country without resistance so it is unlikely they will have some kind of “uprising” for anything. Despite whatever they say.

      • If Golden Dawn gets into power, one of the problems is that Golden Dawn government should avoid conflicts with Turkey. Golden Dawn leader Micholiakos did express desires to return Constantinople, Trabzon and Smyrna (Izmir) but returning these areas now would be highly unrealistic. The Turkish population is much larger than the Greek one, Turkey can mobilize more troops. Golden Dawn should probably focus on rebuilding Greece and Cyprus, improve the Greek Orthodox Christian birthrate, and have a stronger economy. But going up against Turkey? That might be risky.

    • Gregory Turkey cannot live at the expense of the greeks which she has been doing. Why is Cyprus occupied for 30 plus years? There is no excuse for that. One greek shouldn’t be able to sleep soundly when another greek is in enemiy hands. Turkey does not acknowledge the land of the greeks and it needs to be made to. I think all ties economic to should’ve been severed with Turkey and Britain over Cyprus.

      Some say Turkey counts it’s farm animals as part of it’s population.

      Turkey is not considered when it comes to Cyprus. I just hope GD knows she is facing Britain to when it comes to Cyprus.

  3. I haven’t been to Greece since the collapse. Last time I was there, I wash shocked to see frozen dough from China being sold there. Here Greece makes some of the best bread in the world, and they import from a country that makes some of the worst. That is some of the insanity that flows from “free trade.”

    When XA takes power, you can count on innumerable stories from both the Greek and foreign media showing starving Greeks–you can also count on brainwashed leftist sabotage of economic development.

  4. What is the Greek media saying about Syriza selling out? Are they distorting it/making excuses or giving Syriza a hard time?

  5. So, have Syriza promised one thing to its people, and another to the EU? Its almost as if they want GD to take power!

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