6 comments on “Time is Running Out For The Anti-Greeks

  1. Looks like Syriza surrendered, the fact that it went down to the wire makes me think it was all just a show to fool the Greek people.

  2. I can’t believe people as skeptic as the Greeks are buying into this media show. Did they forget that Tsipras promised to end austerity, rather than negotiate some meaningless technicality on the debt repayment which has no practical effect on the average Greek?

    At what point do they wake up???

  3. I must say that their fear of us is something of a source of pride. I am glad they are afraid because they should be. This rotten system of government is coming to a close and will be put out to pasture. And the best part? They know it.

    They know that their desperate actions will perhaps buy them some time, delay the retribution of the Hellenic will, and put off the arrival of Chrysi Avgi for a time. But deep down, they know that the clock is ticking and that the time of their end approaches. Indeed, we are in the twilight of this rotten establishment.

    So by all means Syriza, ask Germany for another bailout, go back on your promises, even rename the troika if you are so inclined. All I suggest is that the lot of you stop deluding to yourselves and admit that your campaign,your hold on parliament, and the entire Greek government system was built upon lies.

  4. The minute I heard warlord-“humanitarian” Gyorgi Soros was financing these “leftists”, I assumed they were just another pseudo-patriotic controlled opposition for the masses to feel good about.

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