7 comments on “Happening Today: Golden Dawn Distributes Party Literature at Greek Toll Booths.

  1. You guys are amazing, Now with Sriza betraying their supporters, its only a matter of time till Golden dawn’s ranks swell once more! even rt.com says the sriza party changes names of the stuff their working on.

  2. Well, this is definitely a positive event. It would be highly positive if the Golden Dawn Party takes power in Greece in a few years or two. Greece should experience a revival of the Greek Orthodox Christian identity. Greece should have a revival of it’s ethnic culture. Ethnic Greeks should have more children and there should be more economic growth in Greece under a Golden Dawn administration. I often do not understand why are jews so opposed to Greeks being independent and proud. Jews have Israel, Greek nationalists do not truly threaten jews because only 5000 Jews live in all of Greece.

    • Jews are opposed to ANY country being independent, not just Greece. The Jews are hell bent on complete world domination. They want the entire world subjugated to Washington and Tel Aviv (Both under Jewish control). They don’t hide any of it either, all you have to do is read their own documents. For example take a look at the document called “Project for the New American Century” written by neo-con Israeli Jews and adopted as policy in Washington. It clearly states that no country in the world must be allowed to be independent and become strong enough to be able to refuse orders from Washington.

      This is why Golden Dawn has to be aware that if they ever come to power Greece will become a pariah state and will be threatened economically and militarily by the Zionist Occupied Government of the US. A strong military alliance with Russia would be necessary to counter this threat.

      Also you need to be aware that Israel is not a normal country, it was never designed to be a “Homeland for the Jews”. You notice how none of the powerful influential Jews ever left their country of residence in Europe/US after the establishment of Israel. The Jews knew through experience that eventually the Goyim rise up against them and overthrow them from power, in order to escape persecution they needed a safe haven to run to. Israel serves that purpose. It is simply a safe haven for crooks, criminals, and terrorists to escape to when they’re on the run. A perfect example of this was the collapse of the USSR, when the Jews completely looted Russia and then escaped to Israel and the West to avoid facing criminal charges. Some of the ones who stayed like Khodorkovsky were arrested and imprisoned.

  3. The sight of Golden Dawn delivering the TRUTH to the Greek people at those Toll Booths is really something…There love and care for people and country is something very very special..The Greek people have, once again, been lied to and sold down the river by a bunch of stinking conning controlled traitors…!!! Syriza and the so called Independent “Greeks Party”, disgusting, what a joke!!! Something needs to be done about your “controlled” media, the perverts and scum bags in it, who take their orders, do not care one bit for Greece,the safety of Greek women and Greek children….!

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