20 comments on “SYRIZA Begins to Crack: “Legendary” SYRIZA MEP Apologises to the Greek People for Their Deception

  1. This is mostly what I predicted would happen months ago on this site. And I say mostly predicted because as fate would have it, Syriza somehow managed to surpass my expectations of their awfulness. The numerous strange bedfellows and thinly spread coalition alone should be enough to tell anyone with even half a brain that this government would not last long. But with the supposedly socialist Syriza allied with the pseudo nationalist New Democracy outcasts of ANEL, things are even messier for them.

    And if that weren’t enough, they are falling apart even faster internationally. You may recall just a month ago hearing about Podemos, a Spanish leftist party in the same vein as Syriza. They were rejoicing at Syriza’s victory, proclaiming themselves to be a sister party/movement, and were ready to ride off the wave of Syriza’s victory to their own national elections. Now? Now they are distancing themselves, making excuses and only halfheartedly cheering them on. In short, Syriza name became poison almost overnight, to the point where not even the party most friendly to them can stand beside them.

    But perhaps most importantly, they are facing an ideological crisis. Socialists such as the ones mentioned here as well as those of other nations are embarrassed by Syriza! And what else can they be when their champion has surrendered so completely to the Euro. If you do not believe me, go visit some socialist websites. It really is a site to behold.

    Even with all this said though, I can’t even say I hate Syriza. Whereas New Democracy were treacherous but well entrenched, Syriza is a hilarious, last gasp, bumbling attempt by the system to preserve their power. Every time I try to get angry at their sellout actions, I end up just laughing at their incompetence. So for all the laughs Syriza, I thank you. Now lets just hope that their inevitable internal implosion happens soon so they can get out of the way and let the real Hellenic leaders of Chrysi Avgi lead the nation on the true path of recovery.

    • In Spain there was no significant nationalist party since the death of Francisco Franco. Since the 1970s Spanish politics was dominated by the conservatives of the Popular Alliance/Popular Party and the social democrats of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party. But now the Spanish economy is in decline, unemployment in Spain is 26%, wage cuts and forced austerity. So the current conservative PP regime is in crisis and so is the social democrat PSOE party, so now PODEMOS radical leftist movement is on the rise. PODEMOS now has 350,000 members and 32% of Spanish people now want to vote for them, thinking it would solve Spain’s catastrophic economic crisis. Spanish far right or nationalist parties are too weak, divided and insignificant to make a difference in the elections, but Podemos is rising and rapidly growing. That is what Spanish media says.

      • There is no doubt that Podemos is popular now and perhaps still growing. But that doesn’t change the fact that their fate is heavily intertwined with that of Syriza. The bailout agreement by Syriza is a declaration of subservience to the Euro but the majority of people who do not look into the details will not know this for a little while. But sooner or later the truth will become apparent that Syriza failed in their goals and promises. And believe me, this will heavily effect them. A precedent has now been set and this precedent makes clear that a far left party merely talking tough without anything to actually back up their demans will not win against the EU. Unfortunately, this does not mean much for the dismal state of Spanish nationalist parties. Nationalists must stand as one to succeed.

      • One positive thing in modern Europe today, is that the French Nationalists have a very strong position and they have hundreds of thousands of members and they have millions of supporters today. Jean Marie Le Pen’s Front National has a higher opinion poll than either Sarkozy’s Union for a Popular Movement or Francois Hollande’s French Socialist Party. Some 32% of French said that they are prepared to vote for Front National, and in many parts of France Front National is the most popular political party. Front National now has record numbers of party members, their party membership is almost equal now to Sarkozy and Hollande establishment parties. Far Left in France is not that strong, and instead popularity of Front National has been growing consistently in recent years. Perhaps French Catholics and Nationalists might have have a chance of freeing France from the system, their strength and popularity has been growing in all polls. Golden Dawn and Front National could be the greatest hopes for salvation of Christian civilization.

      • Front National isn’t a Nationalist party at all today, it is an anti-islamic, pro homosexual party that wants to limit the flow of islamic immigrants into france and introduce stricter laws which protect Jews and Homosexuals within France.

        That is not a “Nationalist” platform, that is a conservative platform that is trying to uphold the current system in Europe.

        Nationalist parties were made illegal in France.

      • Front National was once a nationalist party but it has since made a poisonous change in allegiance. Under Jean Marie Le Pen, it perhaps would have made for a respectable ally. But now his daughter has the reins of the party and she has committed the worst and most unforgivable sin a nationalist party can make: she has compromised. In order for a nation loving group to remain faithful to their goals, they have to be loyal above all else to the true heirs of the nation and reject intruders who have no place in the homeland.

        By tolerating the mentally sick homosexuals and pedophiles and encouraging Zionists to enter their ranks, any claim of them truly standing for the nation has to be immediately disregarded. They are sellouts who offer only a cheap, mass marketed, commercialized nationalism just for the sake of votes. This is not something that Chrysi Avgi is interested in at all. If we just went around accepting Albanians, Pakistanis, and homosexuals, sure we would have many more votes currently but at what cost? Any legitimacy as a nationalist party we would have would be buried under a mountain of compromises and we would no longer be the focused force that the nation so desperately needs right now. Rather, we would more akin to the bumbling, doomed to fail coalition that Syriza rose to power with. And believe me, they do not have long.

      • Front National of France still claims to be a nationalist party and it still claims to be a national conservative and anti-globalization party, regardless of the changes that taken place. The party program mostly remains the same, there was just change in tactics and rhetoric when Marine Le Pen came and took over as the party chairman. Patriotic and traditional French people would still vote for Front National in massive numbers. Front National is the only French nationalist party that is present in all elections and political events. Front National is the best choice there is for now, it is the lesser of the evils for millions of ethnic French people. There are simply no other French nationalist parties that are significant enough and large enough as the Front National. And not that many gays, pedophiles or Jews will ever join them, because plenty of party members of Front National are still against them. Marine Le Pen still makes statements which are anti-muslim immigration, that are for preservation of French ethnic identity, she still makes statements and actions against globalization and open borders immigration. She approves Zionism, but Zionism is merely a Jewish ethnonationalist movement to create a Jewish homeland between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Israel has been in existence since 1948, and controlled all of former Palestine since 1967. It is pointless now to oppose existence of Israel, and besides, if Israel goes under, where are these Jews from Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Balkans (Northern Greece had lot of Jews in 19th century), Middle East, Central Asia are going to go to? Israel is impossible to deestablish now. Too impractical and risky. And you Greek people would not want those Sephardic Jews back to Thessaloniki. Most of those went to Israel in the 1940s and 1950s. Thessaloniki should be Greek Orthodox Christian. Zionism is the method to separate Jews from Gentile lands so to speak and put as much of them into that desert reservation or wildlife preserve called Israel.

      • Ok, Gregory. Let us ask you something, do you actually read the things we post or do you just periodically post things in a metered way? Where are you from anyway?

      • Oh, sorry guys. I was responding through a smartphone. I wanted to post that before but something did not work correctly. Sorry. I am an American citizen. I am half white american and another half greek orthodox christian from lebanon.

      • I already explained why with nationalism any sort of compromise with undesirable people is unacceptable. Just as you wouldn’t accept working with pedophiles and drug dealers, you shouldn’t ever even consider accepting Zionists and homosexuals. If Front National wants to be taken seriously as a nationalist party, it just cannot be associating themselves with these groups that are by their very nature anti national.

        “Zionism is merely a Jewish ethnonationalist movement to create a Jewish homeland between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.”

        This where I feel the need to correct you the most. For starters, Zionism involves the forced removal of the Palestinians from their homeland, a process that is still going today and is tantamount to genocide. But even more importantly, Zionism is only part Israeli nationalism. The whole scope of Zionism itself is far more insidious. This is an almost criminal simplification and understating of the crimes of Zionism but suffice to say that it is a force that seeks to destroy nationalism in all nations other than their own. Just as an example, the arrests of the leaders of Chrysi Avgi, though ordered specifically by the stooge Samaras, can be traced back to Zionist interests and their fear of a truly nationalist party arising.

  2. What’s the story with Glezos and the flag anyway?

    I vaguely remember someone in Golden Dawn publically calling him a liar about the whole event, supposedly there is no evidence of the flag being up at that particular time. Also, Glezos claimed to of decided at the last second to not go ahead with planting a bomb because Winston Churchill was in the building.

    This guy think he’s Chuck Norris or something?

    • There are a lot of inconsistencies in this story about Glezos sneaking into the Nazi base. Everybody who might know the truth is dead.

      In Greece they try to paint communist traitors who tried to give Macedonia away to the Bulgarians as patriotic people who love Greece.

      The level of stupidity mixed with revisionist history is what makes this possible.

      They try to paint these communists as anti-nazi freedom fighters. Logic will force you to ask, what is the point of resisting German occupation of Greece only to then try to give the Northern half of the country away to a soviet satellite state a few years later?

      Then again the same question could be asked of the “conservatives” who talk about Greek values and Greek independence while supporting demographic suicide of the Greeks.

      Logic does not apply in either case

      • There is no reason to admire the Germans or Italians of that time either, it was Mussolini’s Italy that endorsed the concept of a Greater Albania, and Hitler also endorsed an expansion of Albania. Albania was given more of Epirus (which Albanians call Chameria) to this Albanian Pro-Italian or Pro-German State. Parts of Greece such as a section of Macedonia and Western Thrace was given to the Bulgarian Pro-German government. Technically Greeks in the 1941-1945 had just reasons to join partisan units and fight the German and Italian occupying forces, because Greece effectively partitioned under their rule and occupation. A lot of Greece’s problems of today were caused by government of the Federal Republic of Germany, it is Germany and the European Commission that impose austerity measures and economic suffering on the peoples of Greece and Spain.

      • Germany, ceased being a autonomously controlled state in 1945, and today it is a controlled by Zionist Jews, pure and simple. The part of history that often gets left out when mentioning that period is the position of Metaxas and the reasons for the Italian invasion. Metaxas had very good relations with Germany and even to a lesser extent Italy, since his ideological framework for the forth of August regime was intertwined with Italy, Germany and Spain. The part that gets left out is the British role in the onset of the invasion and why relations with Italy and Germany took a turn for the worse.

        Metaxas was determined to stay neutral during the war, despite his ideological affiliations with Germany and Italy. The British were looking for a weak point to stop Germany and they decided attacking from the Mediterranean and moving up would be the way to do it. Churchill referred to this as the “Soft Underbelly”. The British began sending ships lurking around the Mediterranean and due to the size of their Navy, Metaxas could do little to stop it yet still was determined to stay neutral. Naturally Mussolini took notice of this took the threat of British naval presence as a pending invasion of Axis waters. Mussolini then requested Greece let him station troops there to ward off such an assault, as the British were hoping to attack the German oil reserves in Romania from Greece. That is when Metaxas said the famous “No” and the Greco-Italian war started. It was not stared by some irrational ego of Mussolini, or the Italian/German lust for “Greater Albania”.

        I mean think about it logically, do you really think that during an all out world war, the Germans and Italians would be worried about the expansionist plans of a bunch of onion headed shiptars?

        In any case after the Greeks held back the Italian invasion, they gained Northern Epirus back and Metaxas was attempting to organize a peace agreement with the Italians, when Metaxas died of mysterious causes. Right after that a full British domination of the situation began which prompted Hitler to intervene in order to prevent his oil fields from being bombarded in Romania, which he needed for his advance on Russia. That is when Greece became part of the “Allies” and our “Allies” started bombing supply routes to stop the Germans, which as a side effect also starved thousands of Greeks to death. After the war, the British began to fund the communists, gave Northern Epirus to the Albanians.

        That is when things get interesting, since our British “Allies” went a step further and started labeling Greek Cypriots as terrorists for fighting for their independence from “Her Majesty” because “Her Majesty” felt that Cyprus belongs to the British. So a certain segment of Greeks had to get into a guerilla war with the very same “Allies” that supposedly helped “Save” us from Hitler.

        Most Greeks today love to quote Winston Churchill, who after WWII saying that Greeks fight like Hero’s, but they are completely ignorant of the fact that right after that Churchill wasn’t calling the Greeks on Cyprus “Heroes”, he was calling them “Terrorists” because he and those like him felt entitled to Greek land.

        The story of this betrayal goes even further, but we will just leave it at that for now.

      • There is a common belief among some people in Britain, in France and in Spain that Germany runs the EU and controls EU institutions. After all, EU was created as a dumping ground/common market for German goods and products at expense of other european countries. UKIP said this in their videos. Some of greeks i knew in thessaloniki believe this and think Germany is the source of their problems. After all, they think, it is the German government who imposed austerity on them.

      • The British, even before this, have done nothing but betray and abuse us. And to add on to what the moderator said: in addition to bombing German supply lines, they also put a tight blockade on Greece to try and starve out the German captors. Of course only regular Hellenic people suffered from this. The British knew fully well the consequences of their actions and committed to them anyway. And to this day, it is not the British but the Germans that are considered responsible for the catastrophe.

        As for the death of one of the greatest leaders in Hellenic history, Ioannis Metaxas, there yet remains mystery. It has been rumored that the British assassinated him. There is no direct evidence that proves or disproves this and we will likely never know for sure but I do believe it was the British. After all, Metaxas was doing his everything he could to stay neutral, which included denying support from the British that could provoke an attack from Germany, whereas the British were doing everything they could to pull us into a conflict we wanted no part of. Whether or not the murdered him though, they nonetheless seized the opportunity of his death to drag us into THEIR war.

        There is much more that I highly encourage you to read up on. But if there is one more thing I can tell you, it is this: do not EVER take the British or communist interpretations of the story at face value. Both of them are responsible not only for the death of countless Hellenic men, women, and children but they have also done everything in their power to try to wipe away the memories of the true nationalist heroes of Hellas.

      • Britain, France and Russia helped the Greek people in the 1827 Battle of Navarino. Greeks rebelled against Ottoman Muslim rule in 1821 and fought rather courageously for their land, their faith, their culture and their people, but the Ottoman Army and the Egyptian forces really turned the screws on the people of Greece and tried to crush the Greek Revolution with large scale repression, army and naval forces. British poet Lord Byron died in 1824 for the independence of Greece from Ottoman Turks. In 1827, British admiral Edward Codrington, along with French Admiral Henri de Rigny and Russian Admirals Login Heiden and Mikhail Lazarev defeated and destroyed an Ottoman and Egyptian naval force at Navarino in Southern Greece. This ended the siege of Greek towns in the Peloponese and broke the Ottoman-Egyptian naval blockade of Greece. British, French and Russian navies were smashing Muslim Turkish/Arab fleets in the Aegean. To some extent, Greek people became independent due to the intervention of Britain, France and Russia. Those three countries really helped Greece become free from Ottoman Muslim tyranny in the first place.

      • Indeed there were people like lord byron who fought for the Greek independence, however there was another period when Britain and Russia were at odds with each other and Britain decided to help the Turks.

        The main reasons for interventions from the European powers to help Greece with the Turkish had more to do with an opportunity for themselves rather than a genuine desire to help Greeks, although there were some who were truly friendly to Greeks, but they were the ones living in Greece and fighting alongside them risking their lives, as was the case with Byron.

        Greece never gained full independence because after the Turks the European powers elected a king. And while certainly conditions improved for Greek people compared to the Ottoman times, it never gained a pure Autonomy.

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