11 comments on “Anarchists stage anti-government riot following Syriza’s sell out

  1. “The citizens of Greece will be sure to thank the anarchists and sleep just that little bit easier tonight, knowing that an evil capitalist funded bus stop will not be operating tomorrow.”

    First the bus stops, then the traffic lights! The downfall of the capitalists is here I tell you!

    But seriously, what is the deal with these punks? Is this a protest towards their rich fathers not giving them more allowance money as a reward for their busy schedule of doing jack all?

    And what is this about disarming the riot police?!! Who thought that was a good idea?! The thing with these anarchist punks is that if they find easy ways to make trouble without getting in trouble for it, they will exploit the opportunity. Maybe Syriza should consider handing back the police officers the guns they so desperately need. If they don’t, the anarchists will be emboldened and these hooligans may actually get somewhat close to creating actual chaos for a change. Know this: these problems will get worse and worse. This is just the beginning.

    But if the Syriza government really wants to remove all power from the police, let him. As Athens falls to chaos, people will see the government is failing miserably. And then the people will notice that the only safe and stable areas will be areas where Chrysi Avgi is more prominent. The food drives and the defense of Hellenics will be more important at that point than it has ever been.

  2. The video is intense, it reminds of some cyber punk film from the 80s where they try & depict a bleak, mystopian future.

    The strangest part is the police officer on the bike who had a Molotov cocktail thrown at him. In what country do the police have fire hurled at them and not retaliate? No guns, no tasers, I don’t even notice battons anymore. The poor guy was forced to run as he had no real way to retaliate.

    The cops already vote around 50% XA. I imagine now that they are disarmed, it would significantly increase

  3. I believe they are foreigners doing it to bring havoc in greece so they can claim land. If people are in turmoil can you see a thievery happening? Is my point taken?

    But if by any chance I am wrong that they were greeks they need a beating. They were probably commies.
    If I was there and I saw these losers with molotov cocktails in their hands I’d run them over. I’d help the police. If they want to see all hell break loose then they will see it.
    True it’s easier to say these words right now but I’d still do something. I don’t know what but I would.
    Maybe I’d shoot them or threaten them at least I’d say drop it or you are dead. This is treason.
    You don’t bring anarchy to greece. And you don’t try to disarm the police in my country. The end!

    More likely it’s foreign element trying to cause a civil war but if its not alot of greeks need to grow up and realize how many foreign elements greece has as enemies. That’s the true threat and not because they don’t like the present government.

  4. Golden dawn is the only solution. Golden dawn should be the next govt. to hell with this left wing criminals, to hell with conservative criminal oligarchs. One race, one culture, one religion.

    • Hi Pano I totally agree with what you say one race, one culture, one religion. Just not on the part of throwing molotov cocktails. That just causes civil war.

  5. G.

    Do you know what the reaction to the Syriza’s agreement bailout money is in Greece among the general population? (excluding the antifa anarchists)
    Does the general population even know Syriza’s sold out?
    Reason I’m asking is because the Greek media in English, is making it out as if Syriza made gains and achieved middle ground. Rather than point out the fact that they did a complete back flip on ”tearing the memorandum”.
    When Golden Dawn comes into power, I’ll be very disappointed with them if they do NOT charge some of these media sellouts with high treason against the state, for their complete bullcrap reporting in general, especially against G.D., aswell as their covering up of New Democracy and Syriza selling out of the state. Make no mistake, the media at just as much if not more apart of this treason to foreign Jews and Jewish lobbies as Samaras or Tsipras is.

    • Generally journalists and reporters in the media do not decide much, they are told what to report and what to say by the shareholders of the media corporations or by the CEOs. These individuals in the Greek media would say that they were pressured by the company managers, CEOs and by the corporation to make such reporting and to misinform and deceive the Greek public. They care about their own reputation in the corporation, their own paycheck and position more than anything else. They were just following orders, from the likes of Mr. Ronald Lauder or some other media oligarch. Of course some of these journalists and reporters need to be held responsible. But the managers and CEOs of the corporations should be held responsible even more.

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