18 comments on “THE ONLY WAY OUT: The Golden Dawn Program for Exiting the Crisis and Memorandum.

  1. Another excellent article on this great patriotic website.. Not every Greek person has the means to read articles like this, due to not having a computer, but if they were able to many “confused” Greek citizens would be flocking to this site instead of getting there information from the lying stinking “controlled” scum in the media….Saying that, I am now more than ever convinced the Greek people are waking up big time……..!!

  2. Please post an article updating european nationalists on the plans and prospects of GD.
    For example, what do you expect to happen in the trials? When will the GD leadership be released? What do you plan to do afterwards (strategy and ideas) and what do you think will happen?

    We european nationalists are all with the eyes in you. You are the only successful racial nationalist party in the world. You are the hope of us all!

    Good luck and support from Portugal!

    P.S. – Link to a new social-nationalist portuguese party similar to GD in the process of being officialized:

    • There are some other nationalist parties which are relatively successful, such as Sweden Democrats, Danish People’s Party, Vlaams Belang of Belgium. They are more nationalist conservative and not as radical, but still they have good ideas and principles.

      • He wrote “racial nationalist party”. Danskernes parti, Svenskarnas parti, GD, BNP (maybe, at least it was under Griffin) are examples of ethnic nationalists. Not Sweden democrats (they are social “conservatives”).

  3. Another goal for Greek Golden Dawn Party would be to raise the ethnic Greek birthrate once it has political power. It would be positive for Greeks to return to a more traditional Greek Orthodox Christian culture, which has defined Greek ethnic identity for 1 thousand 500 years. What relationship the Golden Dawn party has with the Orthodox Church? There are rumors that Golden Dawn is somehow pagan. But presence of Orthodox Christian priests with some party members is dispelling these

    • Whether pagan or Christian orthodox it’s still our religion.

      That’s something I cannot figure out why the birthrate is so low. Greeks have families abroad but not in Greece. Does it have to with the economy in Greece? Or does it have to do with other things? That’s one mystery that’s worth solving.

      • The Greek Birthrate was quite high before if you look on past statistics. In 1928 Greek population was about 6.3 million. By 1990 the Greek population grew to 10 million. This was before any third-world immigration. On average Greek birthrate was substantially high enough, about 2.3 children per couple between 1960 and 1982, and only after 1982 did that birthrate drop. Something happened socially and to the Greek culture and family values specifically in that time period starting around 1983 to today.

    • AI 10 million is nothing compared to what we should be.

      Look at the greek diaspora http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_diaspora

      Don’t forget the ancient colonies, the wars that greeks were killed off, the greeks that converted and the greeks that were converted by force.

      And the greek population to this day in 2015 don’t want to populate the population?

      It is an understatement saying Greece has a problem with her birthrate.

      Turkey has a population of 75 million its been said. I look back in history in what was said about them

      they weren’t alot. Right or wrong I do not know but that’s what I see. If it’s true what they say about the 75 million and Turkey is not counting it’s farm animals as part of their population do you know how many Asia Minor greeks they converted? Way to many.

      • Well the Greek Orthodox Church Patriarchate stated that there are about 18 million Greek Orthodox Church members around the world. So this is the approximate ethnic Greek population in the world. It could be somewhat more. Some encyclopedias say there are 20 million ethnic Greeks in the world. You know there are villages in Pontus, in Cappadocia and Cilicia (that is regions of Turkey now) where the people speak a dialect of the Greek language but they follow the Sunni Muslim or the Alevi Shia Muslim faith. Also there are isolated villages and neighborhoods in Syria and in Lebanon where Greek language is spoken but people consider themselves Arab. There were Greek speakers which were Muslim by faith, which were excluded from the 1923 population exchange and they stayed in Turkey. Can they be reclaimed to Hellenism somehow? It is possible.

  4. What an insult to patriotic Germans around the world that supported the Golden Dawn like I did. Calling for a ‘occupation’ debt? That Germans most likely used to administer Greece at that time, and forgetting that Germany bailed out the Greek economy during that time as well– though I admit I’m not certain about it — thus In a way demanding ‘reparations’ and Trying to utilize the anti-German sentiment in Europe to pay off the debt? I guess we all have our own ethnic interest to follow after all. I still wish the GD all the best however.

    • I think you are missing the point, Golden Dawn is simply saying that the debt the Greek state has acquired is illegal and there has been scandal after scandal involving German companies even in the private sector.

      So if Merkel wants to talk about Greek debt obligations, there were other actual debt obligations Germany forgot about as well. This was a fact that there were loans taken and things stolen during the German occupation of Greece, but the only people the Germans pay now are Jews.

      • I will have to look into that ‘fact’ in detail. However, I think it’s counter productive to add further guilt into the German people’s sense of identity. God knows we get that in spades coming from the left, center and right. And we certainly share your sentiments regarding Merkel and these predatory German in name only Banks.

    • It should be noted that when German troops occupied Greece in spring of 1941. Greece underwent large scale territorial losses to Bulgaria and Muslim Albania. All of Epirus was given to Albania and Western Thrace and a part of Greek Macedonia was handed over to Bulgaria. There are maps of effective partitioning of Greece in 1941-1945 in historical books and atlases.

      • Let’s look into it in detail then. Italy started that war, effectively making Greece part of the Allies and open to accepting British troops. Germany had to intervene to stop the British from opening a Balkan front and being within striking distance of the Romanian oil fields which Germany depended on to stay in the war.

        What Italy and Bulgaria did does not rest on German shoulders. Greece was kept out of the war and came out of it relative intact when compared to other involved nations.

  5. AI I don’t see how I can reply to you. There is no reply word in your last post.

    Anyway to me at least a child of Hellas is always welcomed in our Hellenic family.

    We have lost so many Hellens they have been transformed as other populations and then sometimes they are our enemy. Why? It’s such a shame.

    AI did you ever hear of this? That 2 tribes of Israel have greek origins it’s been said.
    Persia- The part of Medea had greek origins.
    theres a few more as well.

    • Hellenic civilization has survived many storms and tests of time. It changed form, it changed government. It fell, but then revived itself again. Golden Dawn provides an excellent opportunity to revive Hellenic civilization and build it anew and make it stronger than ever. Golden Dawn might end the weak and corrupt Third Hellenic Republic and start a new era in Greek history.

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