4 comments on “E. Synadinos: We will Claim the Occupation Loan and War Reparations

  1. Golden dawn should seize power. And trial all the politicians from nd, pasok, Syriza, and all other scum bag parities, for treason.

  2. A lot of the non-Greek Nationalists I speak to aren’t happy with this occupational loan strategy.

    At the same time, they are all for Golden Dawn defaulting on the loan repayments. What I say to them is how else would you justify such a massive default? Sure, German companies have been found to bribe Greek politicians in various scams prior to the GFC, but that doesn’t account for all the debt. At least war reparations cover the entire debt, and provides some sort of reasoning behind the default, a historical justification.

    I’m not interested in guilt tripping the people of modern Germany for what happened in WW2, and it’s fairly obvious Golden Dawn has no interest in that either. The modern German state, just like modern Greece, is nothing but a ZOG front anyway. No nationalist should give any legitimacy to the international scams the corrupt elite of each countries agreed to amongst themselves.

    Golden Dawn just want out of the memorandum, they’re not going to pursue Germany every couple of years for free cash and submarines like the Jews do.

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