7 comments on “Remembering Mikis Mantakas: Into the Final Victory and Beyond!

  1. Who was this Mr. Mikis Mantakas and why was he murdered? What were the more exact circumstances for which he was killed? Why did the communists do it, what was the motive?

  2. You can research more online (most of the more detailed accounts are published in Italian) but in short back in the 70s Italy was a hotbed of violence by far left Marxist groups. There was a nationalist party in Italy at that time known as MSI, and one of its members had their house burned down by communists where two young boys ended up being burned alive. The case went to court, and leftists began rioting outside the courthouse where the perpetrators were being charged.

    The Italian Nationalists organized a protest against the states inaction to stop the rioting marxists outside the courthouse. It was there that communists began to fire shots at the Nationalists, and Mikis was among the nationalists as he had agreed to go with them as he was a Nationalist himself. 22 people were injured and Mikis was shot in the head, and died later in the hospital.

    • Why do we complain? Why do we think we have any friends there?

      Let there be war. Maybe we can get back Byzantium.

      Ties shoulda been broken along time ago with Turkey and Great Britain but alas we have greeks that kiss Turkeys butt.

      When someone is mentally ill like Turkey you need to retire them to a asylum put them out of their misery.

  3. Not much to say but it seems our people are finally waking up to the zionist “master plan”…That demonstration is something really special…

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