8 comments on “On Virtue – Interview with political prisoner Ilias Kasidiaris in Panusis.blogspot.gr

  1. You do understand the reason why those things happen in greece is because she is in the E.U.

    How I see it is the U.S. wants Europe as a federation, as a nation of immigrants, accepting homoism and homo marriage, promoting the legalization of pot so citizens wouldn’t know whether they are coming or going and the government could do whatever it wants.They also made the government as a business I should actually say the government is run as a business. Most citizens are dependent on the government.

    But also with this comes 4 different kinds of governments federal, state , town and village that you have to pay taxes to.

    This is what you get when you join a certain club as such the E.U. When you join a club don’t you follow the clubs rules? I hope you get my point. The causes of greek national problems start from there because we joined the E.U.

    Me personally I think it’s ok to be good friends with our European brothers and sisters but create a federation no. Make one currency no make one language no out of the question.

  2. Why Kasidiars spoke about Slavs in bad conteht? Serbs, Russians are Slavs and consider Greek as brothers.

    • Also, the author was probably referencing the problem of illegal immigrants from the east bloc, bulgarians, ukranians, etc. There really isn’t a Serbian or Russian(or at least ethnic ruskis) immigration wave into Greece.

      • The immigration from Eastern Bloc countries into Greece has not been as large as the immigration from Albania, Turkey, Arab countries and Pakistan. The number of these illegal immigrants has been much larger and their impact on life and living standard of Greeks far more destructive.

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