6 comments on “Comrade Ilias Kasidiaris at the Evelpidon Courts for the Baltakos Case

  1. This case just baffles me (though to be fair, those words apply to pretty much every absurd accusation the government has made against the Popular Association). They arrested these men unlawfully, rummaged through their private homes illegally, but since it was Kasidiaris(!) who did it, it is considered illegal. The mental gymnastics these prosecutors use to ignore their hypocrisy is beyond belief.

    To truly understand the absurdity of this case, picture this: A burglar has broken into your house, stolen much of your property, and then runs off a guilty man. Fortunately, you happen to have a security camera running in your home and you catch the criminal red handed. Naturally, you reveal the footage, showing the criminal and his crimes for all to see. Surely the criminal will face almost certain conviction, right?

    Nope. Instead, the police claim that you have taken footage of the criminal without his permission and now you are behind bars for daring to commit such an intolerable act!

    If this little story appears outrageous to you, then you are a step closer to understanding the hypocrisy and corruption inherent in the entire system and the contradictory double standards present in this particular case.

    And with that out of the way, it is time once again for a question I must ask: In the 3rd video, Kasidiaris said “The charges are for Samaras, Dendias and his circle.” Of course we know this to be the case but by any chance, did the court share this sentiment? I have searched for answers but other websites only go on about the looming future trial for the entire party and they blatantly ignore facts and none have even reported that some of the accused have already been released.

    • Ugh my apologies. When I wrote this, I was in a hurry and now that I am looking over it again, I can see the problems and how poorly I wrote it. Usually when I write, i give myself time and proofread carefully. Hopefully you all get the general idea of the comment regardless.

  2. I’m really surprised they don’t have a special division in law enforcement called, “Just prosecuting the Patriots” but I guess they do.

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