17 comments on “Golden Dawn America Podcast- SYRIZA: Capital’s Last Line Of Defense

  1. Many good points here and these are a few that I will highlight:

    “Democrats Lift Parliamentary Immunity For Golden Dawn, but Keep it For Themselves! – All of the political parties voted to lift Golden Dawn’s political immunity, but our response is to lift theirs too. Discussion on the billions of dollars thieves in the establishment are able to take with impunity, and how Golden Dawn seeks to solve this problem with an audit that the system fears more than anything.”

    While the well-being of the Hellenic peoples is (and should be) the main focus, I nonetheless will be overjoyed when I see the bankers and their political puppets get escorted to Korydallos prison at gunpoint. Contrary to the now almost 18 months of waiting in which nothing was proven against us, the trial against the likes of Pasok and ND will be an absolute cakewalk. They have committed major crimes almost openly for decades and were able to get away with it in a smug fashion because they were the government for decades.

    At this point I am probably over fantasizing here but just picture for a minute Samaras, Venizelos and all the other criminals sitting in a court room nervously sweating and trying to explain and justify how they managed to take the stable government/economy left by Papadopoulos and bring it to absolute ruin and how they are not guilty of the embezzlement of billions of dollars of government money. Suffice to say that we could have them convicted with little difficulty.

    “Golden Dawn leadership to be released…likely without trial!-
    The illegal detention of Golden Dawn leadership is now close to hitting its 18 month mark, and the system is afraid to actually make a decision whether to try them or not. Every day that passes exposes the fact that the crackdown was purely political motivated, and still failed!”

    Indeed! They are too embarrassed to admit what a joke and a sham this trial inevitably would become. Just look at this article: http://greece.greekreporter.com/2015/03/04/greek-justice-minister-golden-dawn-trial-may-be-delayed/

    As it said in this anti-Hellenic website, the excuse now is that they may have to delay the trial due to, as they put it, “understaffing problems!” When I first read this, I genuinely laughed loudly. Even if you take into account how cash strapped the government is, this is not an excuse. The trial is so important, perhaps the most important and decades, and yet they somehow can’t get enough people to start a trial they have been working on for a year and a half!?! Does anyone actually believe this BS? No matter your view on the court case, there is no denying the importance of it.

    My god, even assuming this excuse is true, how would they explain this in the mainstream media? “We were going to get those meanies at Chrysi Avgi, but since we couldn’t be bothered to hire a few more people for the most important in decades, they got away!”

    • Noam Chomsky is somewhat more honest than other jews. He written that there is a very strong possibility that nationalist or national conservative parties could come to power in Greece, Spain, Portugal and France in a couple of years or very soon. And his opinion is correct.

  2. On Varoufakis, in Europe they cought on to greek media’s attemp to build this guy up as a super cool badass.
    Some started to troll the minister and the hype, and so V for Varoufakis was born. PM Tsipras then asked Varoufakis to stay off TV.
    if you all are not familiar with V for Varoufakis follow the link bellow.

  3. Well, Syriza will most likely fail and the Golden Dawn Party will rise in power. Still, then there is the question whether the Golden Dawn politicians are prepared psychologically and physically to be able to solve the complex political, economic, social and demographic problems and crises of Greece. The problems are indeed quite large to solve for anyone. Golden Dawn has a chance of coming to power and saving Greece as a country. Given the right leadership, a Golden Dawn parliament and prime minister can steer Greece to a healthier status in 5 or 10 years. But it will be tough and very difficult to achieve in the postmodern world we live in.

    • AI I think at least to my belief when you are leader of a nation you can see a difference with the changes you make within a year, maybe even 6 months.

  4. Al Jazeera welcomed the coming to power of Tsipras and Syriza? It is quite bizarre. Al Jazeera is owned and funded by the Qatari Emir and by Saudi princes. Al Jazeera is basically the TV channel of the Muslim Brotherhood and of the Salafist Wahhabi Islamist organizations. Why are these islamists and right-wing reactionary muslims support left-wing communist parties? Al Jazeera endorses open muslim illegal immigration into Greece. But Al Jazeera is the essentially the propaganda channel of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and of Persian Gulf Muslim monarchies. This is the other enemy that wants Hellenic civilization to be destroyed.

    • The “Muslim” monarchies of the Middle East are all pro-American and pro-Israel. That is why they, along with shills from all other stripes (some of them “right wing”, others “left wing”), backed the media made celebrity Tsipras.

  5. Be careful with Chomsky, he’s a known Zionist shill and a gatekeeper. He’s put there by the Zionist bankers as controlled opposition in order to speak 90% truth but keep the herd away from the other crucial 10%. The same is the case with Amy Goodman and the “Democracy Now” program.

    Chomsky was heavily critical of anyone questioning anything about the bullshit official 9/11 story. He was heavily critical of the book “Israel Lobby” when it came out, and repeatedly defends the legitimacy of the illegitimate terrorist state of Israel. He also fully defends the existence of the illegitimate Zionist Federal Reserve (Mother of all Zionist banks). He’s an enemy of National Socialism and is highly critical of anyone mentioning anything negative about Jews and their actions.

    • It is not the main point. Noam Chomsky admitted that Golden Dawn and other nationalist parties in countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium have a strong possibility of coming to power and will come come to power soon due to the failure of mainstream liberal/conservative/social democrat parties and the inability and cowardice of the far left parties to solve the economic problems. There are other news sources in Israel which admitted that nationalist parties in europe will rise to power due to combination of economic crises and muslim immigration crises in european countries.
      About zionism. The State of Israel will most likely last. Why? The demographics of former palestine changed completely once most arab muslims were expelled in 1948 to Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon, and Jews from Muslim countries, from Eastern European countries were brought in massive numbers in 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Many of these Sephardic Jews from Thessaloniki went to Israel at that time. There supposed to be an Israel now. Some 6-7 million Jews live there, palestinians are now the minority. And if Israel is gone, where are those Jews going to go? Most Eastern and Central Europeans do not want them back. I’m sure Golden Dawn does not want the Spanish Jews back in Thessaloniki. Israel is needed as a reservation for the world’s jews.

      • Yes I understand, I was simply responding to Ed and George talking highly about Chomsky saying he makes good analysis, which is mostly true. I was merely pointing out that Chomsky occasionally injects his poison in between some otherwise very good and true analysis.

        In regards to Israel, it can potentially exist as a Jewish state in the future however it won’t survive (And has no legitimacy) under the current form of Zionist ideology with its ever expanding border, regional destabilization agenda, and constant invasion of its neighbors. Remember Israel is merely one aspect of the global Jewish agenda, which has an ultimate goal of complete world domination under Jewish (Or at least part Jewish) rule. None of this is hidden from the public, all you have to do is read their own written documents such as “A Clean Break” or “The Project for the New American Century” and observe their actions.

      • We are completely anti-Zionist. What happens to Jews in Israel is not my problem, especially since Jews are literally displacing us in our own land just like they do with Palestinians. The only reason they aren’t bombing us with white phospherous is that there’s too many of us, but if they could, they certainly would.

        You Jew apologists only seem to care about “oh but what is going to happen to the precious Jews when we stop protecting them from the Palestinians they’ve spent decades torturing”. How about asking, what is going to happen to the GREEKS or the GERMANS or especially Americans if the Zionist occupation is not dismantled in our countries?

  6. Alright you guys will not believe this! On top of all their other failures, Syriza’s office has been overtaken by anarchists! It’s true! The anarchists are doing this so as to get their terrorist friends released, including a bomb maker! Remember when I said the anarchists would get bolder after that first riot of the Syriza government a few weeks back? Well, I do believe this proves my words. And of course, it will only continue to get more extreme as time progresses. Thankfully no one has been hurt so far, but violence is inevitable with these people.

    Well they could try calling the polic- oh that’s right! Syriza took away their guns, didn’t they?

  7. Thanks you for putting out another podcast. Hope the sound is better on this one. Always great to hear you guys broadcasting the news out there rather than just reading all the time. Hail!

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