13 comments on “Samaras Sheds Crocodile Tears For His Defeat: “I was working tirelessly for the conspiracy against Golden Dawn.”

  1. If i was Greek i would like to stand just a few inches away from this shitty little “man”, look in his face and say this to him,,,,, YOU STINKING TREACHEROUS PIECE OF SHIT, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY COUNTRY…..!!!

  2. Wait a minute he is saying he was FOR Golden Dawn? I’m not understanding the statement very well. Or he is admitting he was the conspiracy against Golden Dawn??

    Nevertheless charges were brought against Golden Dawn under his administration.

    • The quote isn’t real. The article just used it so as to reiterate the fact that Samaras did everything in his power to ensure that Chrysi Avgi would get banned. The evidence points towards the fact that he did what he did just to ensure that his international masters were happy and the electoral base of his corrupt party would stop bleeding.

  3. New Democracy is a mainstream right-wing political party, with a Conservative, Christian Democratic and Pro-European Union ideology. It was this right-wing party that made Greece a member of the European Union back in 1981. I thought people in nationalist circles should admire right-wing conservative parties such as New Democracy. Conservatives and Christian Democrats are anti-communist.

      • More Sarcastic. But you know New Democracy claimed to be conservative and anti-communist and anti-socialist in the part, just like all conservative and christian democratic parties all over Europe from the European People’s Party. Many European people during Cold War era voted for conservative or liberal right-wing parties in order to oppose leftists and communists. The irony is that it was the conservatives and christian democrats who created the EU to oppose the Warsaw Pact. This was one of the original reasons for creation of EU. Did you know that?

  4. And may he burn in hell. This pathetic waste of life is a textbook example of a corrupt politician. He received votes from the people (even if a lot of the elections have been fradulent) and yet he never answered to them. His government, nay, his entire party was propped up by foreign rather than truly Hellenic interests and the lies, all the lies, after nearly 40 years is soon going to come back to
    annihilate not only him, but his entire party. They pointed at us, claiming we were the criminal group. But the very fingers they point at us are dripping with blood.

    With Syriza at least, I can get a good laugh out of their stupidity. But the sight of New Democracy and that whore-son Samaras serve only to anger me. Whenever I hear them try to spout even more of their deceit, I only further want to see them meet their end.

    If there is any good news though, at least his party suffered a resounding defeat. The people are sick of him. Eventually, if justice prevails, he will have a new home. A home that the true Archigos, Nikos Michaloliakos, has been warming up for the last year and a half. Rest easy Mr. Samaras, for soon you will get an all expenses paid trip to Korydallos prison and you will have a lifetime to get comfortable in it.

    • I read that the Greek Military Junta fell in 1974 because it failed to protect ethnic greeks in cyprus when the turkish prime minister bulent ecevit launched a military invasion of the island. For some reason the junta was powerless to stop the turkish army. New Democracy and Pasok might claim that they came to power democratically after the junta collapse.

      • In 74, there was major changes compared to the original xounta from 67, the Junta by that time was already compromised. But the “democrats” like to pretend this was the juntas fault. In actuality the last junta leader ioannidis and the later pasok nd spawn were backed by the US to compromise on Cyprus.

      • AI of what I see there was traitorism in the military personnel of the junta but the leadership of the junta wanted to fight they were 101 percent patriots.

        And then some greeks blame the leadership of the junta. What do you do as leader when your military personnel does not want to fight for you?

        I think it was a divide and conquer plan by Great Britain and Turkey against Greece and Greek
        Cyprus and it worked very nicely.

        Xaameriki please do correct me if you feel I am wrong cause I always want to live in reality mode 🙂

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