11 comments on ““The Hope” Article by Ilias Kasidiaris

  1. Many Tears are streaming down my face.

    It’s a disgrace for Greece to have ties with Great britain and Turkey an absolute disgrace!

    • Great Britain is not nearly as bad. Britain was among the first countries to recognize Greek independence in 1832. Britain intervened along with Russia and France on behalf of the Greek revolutionaries in 1827 to break the siege of Greece by Ottoman and Egyptian forces. The Greek Glucksburg Royal Family were relatives of the British Royal Family. The Greek rebellion on 1821 was on verge of failing. Even at that time, there were only 4 million Greeks in the world, but there were 13 million Ottoman Turks. Only intervention of Britain, France and Russia saved Greece from annihilation.

      • I don’t see France or Russia in having ulterior motives in helping Greece but with Britain there was. She wanted to put some of her royalty in charge in Greece.

        You said the greek rebellion was on verge of failing you don’t know that.
        Are you saying it because the 3 came to help? Remember AI it was 2 against one Egypt and Turkey against Greece.

        You don’t know if there was 4 million and 13 million you don’t know that. Greece would’ve never gaved up. And it does take 2 nations to overpower Greece that’s how strong she is. I read about Mani, the Maniates destroyed the Turks.

        As for Greek Cyprus Turkey lent Cyprus to Britain to protect her from Russia gaining her.
        Do you know that Britain wrote Greek Cyprus’s constitution now this part I haven’t been able
        to find the timeline of .

        Greek Cypriots were demanding enosis with Greece.

        Britain said you need to sign these constitution giving half ownership to Turkey and then I will grant you your freedom which she didn’t give she just pacified the greek cypriots.
        There is something that I’m missing messing up something in this in the timeline of Britain making her constitution I’m not sure of what but the point I’m trying to make is Britain had no right whatsoever I repeat whatsoever to make any constitution of Greek Cyprus’s. You grant her freedom and also make her constitution???? That is illegal. That’s called legalizing a theft.

        Britain and Turkey has been double teaming Greek Cyprus. You can describe Britain as allowing Greece to be near Greek Cyprus as throwing Greek Cyprus some crumbs there is no difference in order to try to shut Greek Cyprus up for her calls for enosis a bit.

        I could not care less if Britain needs her for military bases get your paws off Greek Cyprus!

    • Britain occupied and annexed Cyprus in 1878. As the Ottoman Empire was collapsing after the defeat in the Russian-Turkish War of 1877-1878, Britain grabbed Cyprus when neither the Ottoman Empire had resources to defend it, Russia far too concerned with Bulgaria and Serbia, and Greece relatively powerless to object to it. On June 4, 1878, British Navy and army forces occupied Cyprus without bloodshed. On that same day, the Ottoman Imperial government willingly gave up Cyprus to control of her majesty Queen Victoria of Great Britain, in exchange for British promises of support on border issues and financial aid. British rule over Cyprus was much home humane that the Ottoman One. Britain needed Cyprus as a convenient military base to protect their Suez Canal.

  2. Where can any native European go? Even if we stay in our homelands we have people who have no ancestral links to us, thrust upon us. How long before Greeks are forbidden to be proud of their traditions? The cultural Marxists have taken over. Native Europeans must unite for when one European nation loses its identity, all European nations will become some kind of homogenous sludge. What’s the point of getting upset or blaming others? Start standing up for your race, reject political correctness be proud of your achievements, but remember this is not just a war on Greeks but on whites generally. They want to wipe us out because we are a threat. Who needs ‘diversity’? Europe is rich in its own culture and tradition. Soon to be gone are the days when you could cross from France to Italy or even travel from Crete to Thraki and immediately sense you were in another culture. Fight for the white race, stand together.

    • Dear friend, I agree with you 100%.

      We, the sons and daughters of European and European-derived nations, are experiencing extreme oppression from our own governments and the “Tribe” behind the scenes, like those of Goldman Sachs. As long as the good men and women, of parties like Golden Dawn, persevere, a small glimmer of hope remains in my heart of the bright future that may be before our people. We must fight on as Ilias Kasidiaris said in the article above, for our nations,children and people.

      I sincerely hope and pray that Greece and all of Europe breaks free of the Zionist chains which have atrophied our ability to defend ourselves against hostile subversives.

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