13 comments on “DEFIANT AND FREE! Nikos Michaloliakos and Giannis Lagos Released!

  1. God bless Michaloliakos and the Hellenics! While the trial is still set to occur in a month, his release is nonetheless a good change of pace from the idiocy by the system. What a sight it will be to finally see our Archigos in the flesh! I personally look forward seeing him back in parliament and letting everyone know that despite lies, hypocrisy, and slander, he and the movement as a whole remain unbroken and unyielding!

    I do not what specifically he will say, but I do know this: upon his return, the cowards that represent their various treacherous parties will be uneasy in their seats and the very foundations of parliament will shake!

  2. How can Hellas allow that? The imprisonment of someone for 2 years without charges? Yeah they did it so he wouldn’t have time to build his defense.

    Hellas needs to think what our forefathers meant by Democracy and truly be able to recognize who the foreigners are and that includes the ones under Hellenic cloak who are trying to destroy Hellenic nationalism and harm Hellenic citizens. Open your eyes!

    Zito that he is free! Zito!

  3. Sitting now at my computer i have just read that the Great man himself,Nikos Michaloliakos, has been released !!! I can honestly say that this is the best news i have heard for a long long time and, like a young boy, i am absolutely thrilled to bits…I write as a British Patriot and I want to say to Mr Michaloliakos, your great leader,,,, It is time to Release The Hounds….!!!

  4. Fantastic! So glad to hear this news, it warmed my heart, and lifted my spirits. Keep leading the way for Europe my brothers!

  5. Wonderful. His rousing rethoric would resonate through the chambers of parliament like a thunderbolt from Zeus. His deliveries would unmask the worms worming on their seats in that chamber of sleaze and corruption. It is a disgrace for Greece to have fallen lower than ever in her history. Samaras, Venizelos, papandreu and every other treacherous weasel should have their parliamentary immunity lifted and face prosecution for their crimes against the nation. The nation is hanging perilously between resurrection or collapse. Collapse is guaranteed with the current corrupt ridden elites occupying the seats of government. Resurrection can only come through the GD and genuine ethnicist.

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