4 comments on “Christos Pappas is Free!

  1. One by one the elected parliamentary officials of Golden Dawn(the only true political party and force in Greece that cares for its people) who have been illegally put behind bars(prison), only for political reasons, and their ideology beliefs, are being released, because they never committed any crime, except telling the truth,while other ex-politians still gets away with…. well treason, countless scandals and selling off Greek land every where in Greece, and are living the LIFE, there are still officials of Golden Dawn illegally in prison, but time will show, that XRISI AVGHI, and everything they said was true, me and my family will always stand with XRISI AVGHI, cause that’s where my parents and grandparents and their families comes from, as their ideology beliefs, as my grandmother’s five brothers and their families and friends fought after WW2 against the communist Greeks, 3 of them lived to tell us as kids of these stories, 2 of the brothers died in battle of meligala and thrown into pigathes(DEEP WELLS) and their names are there. So I cannot wait for the rest of Golden Dawns officials to be released and take over and save Greece, and for myself who was born in the U. S., by Greek immigrants from Peloponiso, and also served in the Greek Military to become a Greek Citizen, I pray every night for the day XRISI AVGHI gets into power, cause only they can save Greece, from everything and everyone….. ZITO XRISI AVGHI…. And I can’t wait to return home to Greece!!!!!

  2. In the interwar period, the Christian nationalists of Romania, the Legion of the Archangel Michael were imprisoned and murdered for their convictions.

    May the words of Corneliu Codreanu inspire you.

    ““From the depths, the Legionnaire rises victorious with his rock-like soul.
    Those who think they can defeat him,
    As well as those who think they can buy him,
    Will soon but too late
    Come to the conclusion…
    That they were wrong.”

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