14 comments on “The Jihadists Threaten Ethnikismos.net:  We’ll Make you Disappear!

  1. Sounds more like a Jew written message to me. After 9/11 they started sending similar fake Islamist letters with anthrax saying similar things. It was broadcasted all over the media but later on was found out to have come from a Jewish lab researcher in the US. The Jew media of course never covered that part of the story.

    There really is no such organization as “ISIS”. A bunch of backward savages being given advanced weapons by US/Israel to wreak havoc in Syria/Iraq don’t constitute an organization. Notice how ISIS is pretty much only concerned with destroying any organization/country the Jews don’t like yet they never threaten or attack Israel or Israeli friendly nations.

    Having said that the EU open door policy will ensure that some of these savages will find their way to Greece and the rest of Europe once they’re kicked out of the Middle East. Turkey itself who supported these savages will be its first victim. Much of Turkey was without power today due to suspected terrorist sabotage of the power lines.

  2. I am just surprised that these brainless savages are even able to use a computer well enough to send this laughable threat. For that I applaud them. They are now one step further out of the stone age. Maybe one day the rest of them will do something more complex than operating a Kalashnikov.

    And if you ISIS knuckleheads need some help for your DDoS attack, just ask one of your Jewish owners to link you a how-to video.

    • ISIS now have TOW missiles, Abrams Tanks and Humvees. ISIS seized former NATO bases in northern Iraq and they sometimes trade illegally with Turkey. Some of NATO weapons caches fallen into ISIS hands. They might have gotten slighly more sophisticated.

  3. That’s hilarious. Israeli hackers have been DDoSing the Golden Dawn sites for years now, I see their new thing is to put a towel on their head and pretend to be declaring “jihad”. These ISIS people have declared Jihad against pretty much everyone in the world, including most of their fellow muslims. The only nation they haven’t officially targeted is Israel.

  4. Some hilarious post on this great website to day. “The only nation they haven,t officially targeted is Israel”,,, says it all….!!

  5. Potts just hit the nail squarely on the head! ISIS has had jew stench all over it from Day 1! Everyone with common sense still intact sees this clearly. Only the diehard TV-watching zombies still fall for their BS and their numbers are slowly but surely being converted or are dying off.

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