• So many people are losing absolute hope and faith, Which one can understand why.. Golden Dawn though, IS the light, They’re the hope for us all.. We can all learn from whats going on in Greece, it shouldn’t take these major invasions, or national attacks on a country’s economy.. for some reason people wait till hell is at the door step.. plus if you ever read the book protocols of zion, this is exactly their plans, they want us all to feel absolute hopelessness.. sociologically/Mentally hard for anyone, unemployment ect, hence why so many people commit suicide.

      Stay in the news loop, All else fails in Greece, Golden Dawn will take Greece back, Either way, Golden Dawn prevail.

      • Wait a second. 500 thousand illegal immigrants? But total population of Greece is about 11 million 425 thousand according to Greek government census. If we can 500 thousand and divide by 11 million 425 thousand and multiply by 100, we would get 4.37%. 4.37% is still not that much. If you think about it. So Greece is not lost. Not yet anyway. So one should not lose hope. The percentages are still in favor of ethnic Greeks retaking their country. And they are illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants do not vote generally.

      • “Americaintellectual”

        Golden Dawn only got 300, 000 .

        Technically these invaders now outnumber Golden Dawn supporters.

        Tspiras gives them Greek citizenship therefore the right to vote.

        That alone secures Syriza.

        Unless the entire Greek population decides to swing for Golden Dawn and they get majority..

        Looking at where Golden Dawn is and whats going on.. they will now need to go into full gear campaigning right now.

  1. 500’000 is a legitimate, literal invasion of Greece, and by default, Europe. And the only way to deal with it is by extreme force. The time for “humanitarianism” and charity is OVER.

    We have all given enough.

    Despite their attempts to paint Europeans as just colonisers and conquerors (not that we should feel any shame for that IMO) no race has been more charitable (to a flaw at this point) but clearly they will settle for nothing less than our total and utter annihilation.

    If you are reading this and haven’t joined a nationalist party or movement, do so RIGHT NOW. Time to push back hard!

    • As a U.S. citizen of Greek decent I see the parallels of what’s currently happening in Greece with what’s been going on in the U.S. for the better part of 40 years now. Unrestrained immigration of “undesireables” from Africa, the Caribbean Islands and South America have inextricably altered the landscape of this country to the point of it becoming unrecognizable to me. We are slowly being transformed into a third world nation both in character and tone. There is no identifiable legitimate nationalist movement in this country (as far as I can tell) to join – as I do not look good in white sheets.

      • There are still many parts of USA which are overwhelmingly White or European descent of about 90% proportion. Maine, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Minnesota, Wisconsin- these are overwhelmingly white states. These areas are still very white and would stay that way in the nearest 10 years. And there are parts of California which are white.

  2. Everything Golden Dawn has said so far is true! statics, election results, political party’s teaming up ie sryiza and np, middle east, ect. Alarming as this is, It isn’t anything new.. Golden Dawn needs to step it up, They been on the defense all this time! stand up and attack back! personal ambition aside! fight now!!

  3. Heartbreaking and truly frightening. To see what is deliberately being let loose in your beautiful country of just a few million people is gut wrenching…Along with your media, Is your military also under the thumb of the zionist and if not are they blind! Don t they care about what will happen to greek women and children if this is not stopped,,, there future doesnt bare thinking about….Pure evil…!

  4. This is happening in EVERY white country and ONLY white countries! Europe & the USA are hard hit but so are other places like Australia & New Zealand. Take a look at any population statistics for the last few decades and they will give you AT LEAST an idea of what has been taking place. The REAL figures are obviously way worse in many areas – we can see it with our eyes and we know the real damage is being covered up in the media!

  5. There is a solution to these refugee rats. It’s time to nuke their countries. As for Greece, greece needs a General Ratko Milidaic to eradicate these islamic third world scum.

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