13 comments on “Ethnikismos.net is Under a large-scale Cyber Attack

  1. Anyone want a good laugh? this group called http://www.goldendawnwatch.org the site is new, its under construction at the moment ha, this is the antifascist League in greece. i guess they have nothen else going on in their lives, only to obsess themselves with Golden dawn. btw here is their video, warning!! IT WILL GIVE YOU THE LOLSSS

    and.. how nice they disabled comments? ah

    • The BS accusations against us could be legitimately applied to these pieces of trash (unless you believe that these scum have never assaulted and killed anyone).

      As for the fact that they disabled the comments, I am not surprised. These hypocritical leftist that claim to be “defending democracy” often preoccupy themselves with attempting to silence the voices of legally elected nationalist groups. The fact that they disabled comments is only the tip of the iceberg.

      They know how quickly we can deconstruct their twisted lies and messages and reveal them. Hell, that is what happened in that incident with Richard Ledes and his “documentary.” Soon after his video was put up, this very website posted an article that showed who the interviewees were and what they actually stood for. And soon after that, people began linking that article in the comments sections of Mr. Ledes piece of propaganda. And of course, he didn’t like that people were seeing through his lies. So of course, he took another action in defense of democracy and free speech and proudly turned off the comments.

      He tried to justify this on his twitter by claiming that he was getting threats. Of course this was nonsense. Not one comment was threatening him. I know this because I was one of the many people that linked the previously mentioned article. He was just a coward trying to peddle his poison.

      As for this “goldendawnwatch,” here is to hoping they aren’t so cowardly as to also block comments on their own website. I would love to tear apart their lies. But if their video is any indication, this is unlikely. I do pray that they at least can receive messages. I would more than willing to give them Mr. Ledes twitter.

  2. I hope they are seeing this, the pervert in the hoodie is a danger to children, a peodaphile, and very soon he will have his name plastered everywhere. Yes, if you are reading this, you disgusting moron, i know who you are you perverted little scumbag…!

    • Its some antifascist in Greece, Weak propaganda, same old bs. ah, their trying to spread their message now, using youtube, twitter, ect. im excited to see what else they make, their making fools out of themselves! seize and desist antifascist, you’re propaganda cant fool anyone, just a bunch of punk kids that have rich parents, nothen else to do in greece but run around and be typical punks.

  3. Don’t promote that video using social networking, you’ll just be feeding the machine

    Golden Dawn Watch can KISS MY ASS!

    Even if ALL the GD parliament members were to be found guilty, that still won’t stop the movement

    Hail Golden Dawn!

    Hail Ioannis Metaxas!


  4. Does this prove that ISIS is a CIA MI6 and Mossad created organisation?
    Their leader with his expensive watch is a Mossad trained agent.
    Why don’t they attack Israel?

    • Was Charlie Hebdo’s death REALLY a blood sacrifice to the Goddess ISIS?

      When Muslim Jihadist’s spill blood, are they spilling the blood of their enemies in the name of Allah or the pagan Egyptian Goddess ISIS?

    • The only ones to blame of white man’s extinction, is white man….reason traders amongst each other,easy to bribe, etc.thats why jews manage to control all…

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