9 comments on “VIDEO: Nikolaos Michaloliakos: The Greek People Voted to Terminate the Memorandum and the Loan Agreement

  1. Just read the speech made in the Greek parliament by your leader Mr Nikolaos Michaloliakos and what a speech it was.! Why, i ask myself, is this Party Golden Dawn with Mr Nikolaos Michaloliakos at its head not governing Greece!.. Most of that treasonous mob in your parliament should be led kicking and screaming to the nearest dust bins and deposited in them. UNBELIEVABLE…!!!

  2. Refreshing to see him back in parliament. Perhaps not as inspiring as his other speeches, but it was great nonetheless for its cold hard content. He is saying what everyone is thinking but too afraid to say.

    •Samaras talked about hordes of illegal immigrants and censorship. For the same words, legal documents were drafted against Golden Dawn and elected MPs were imprisoned and still remain illegally in prison.

    Indeed. Also, has Samaras gone back (once again) to pretending to care about the immigrant problem? Mr. Samaras, you had a very decent amount of time to deal with the illegals and yet you never got around to even speaking about it EXCEPT during campaign seasons. Funny how that works.

    •The political interference and Baltakos’ video were never discussed in this Chamber.

    ‘What video? You silly Golden Dawners, we honest folk at New Democracy would neeever even consider illegally arresting members of a popular group for our own gain. We swear! Pinky promise!’

    • The extension of the loan agreement that Tsipras’ government signed for is memorandum.

    ‘Oh don’t be silly! The memorandum and the Troika are over! Just ask our new friends at the Three Institutions if you don’t believe us!’

    • On January 25, more than 50 percent of the Greek people voted against the Memorandum.


    • The Success Story of Samaras’ government was nothing but scorched earth.

    ‘Now I will have you know that we managed to make a 1-3% budget surplus, and all it took was the impoverishment of hundreds of thousands of Hellenic people to do it!’

    • We were led to bankruptcy by the kickbacks and the scandals of the previous governments.

    (Even I cannot think of something witty enough to properly mock any sort of excuse they may have for this. I am seriously at a loss for words).

    • In the Lagarde List there are more than 2000 names, but only 30 have been checked!

    ‘We will get to it eventually. Now if you will excuse us, we need to take a quick trip to Switzerland… for diplomatic reasons I assure you!’

    • The present government has received the fresh popular mandate to terminate the Memorandum.

    *whistles louder*

    • Only by reducing the debt will Greece have a future and I hope the government will honor its commitments.

    ‘But then we wouldn’t be in the cool and progressive western sphere! Think of all the diversity that Sweden and France get. Don’t you want to get rape-… err “culturally enlightened” by African Migrants?’

  3. It’s gonna be funny to watch when the trail starts, idk if it did but i think its going to start soon. this trial is going to blow up in the zionist’s faces. they know they have literally nothen to go on, other then their laughable lies which in trial will be disproved in short.

  4. “Laughable lies” indeed patriot but they were VERY serious accusations which warrants Very serious penalties…..!

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