6 comments on “GREEK MINISTER OF IMMIGRATION: “The immigrants are just sunning themselves.”

    • Scientific Fact Proof that a Global Elitist Conspiracy
      Has Long Existed

      It reveals how the world has long been operated as a theater, and how high level politicians in the USA and elsewhere have been hired and placed into position as only puppets of a secretive elite power-mad cult of international currency, banking, & finance pirates commanding deceptively and generationally for centuries.

      It appears the People will continue to be subjugated to the insanity of unchecked tyranny.

      “Cryptocracy, from the ancient Greek (kryptos, hidden) and (kratein, to rule), refers to a type of government where the real leaders are hidden, or merely unknown. A puppet government or figurehead, whether aware or not of their status as such, usually figures into this type of government in concept. It can also be used when referring to similar arrangements in organizations, orders, sects and cults. As such governments are, by definition, secret.”

      Their minions in the public’s eyes, are generally highly respected in the business world and they, their elite puppet-masters, remain generally unknown by the majority of society. The surnames Rothschild and Rockefeller top the secret government org chart. They are the principle “casino owners” of the world’s current economic order. Fascinating?

      The elite have even fooled themselves into thinking they are doing good. They are the ones pulling the strings behind the large-scale terrorism, the wars, the chemtrails, the new deadly diseases and all the atrocities against mankind.
      And they get away with all this, mostly because most people don’t think such a hidden, yet dominating elite class, actually rules the world from behind the scenes – contrary to what the mass media projects to us: a media complex which artificially defines the perception and rigid mindset that most people have of how they think the world is (democratically??? no. demoniacally?, yes – big difference) managed.

  1. Just look at her evil face. Make my blood boil. these evil satanic left, allowing Islamic niga scums into the country

  2. So “sunning” is what they are calling it now. And I suppose their illegal entry into Hellas and Europe as a whole is now a “vacation.” Armed robbery and mugging will be “recreational activities.”

    Her idiotic statement is the perfect example of what happens when you let political correctness take priority over common sense. The good news is that no one except those brainwashed morons of the far left will listen to her. Most others will see her for the psycho that she is.

    • Actually, the previous government used to factor in the immigration when calculating tourism… and everyone knows tourist just love to tan!

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