3 comments on “Ilias Kasidiaris: SYRIZA is Robbing the Greeks to Pay the Foreign Usurers

  1. Syriza is being held together pretty much only by the enthusiasm of a group of voters who still believe they can somehow get a better deal, the same people who gave them a resounding victory in January. They won’t be cheering Syriza’s name for much longer though. Already they are putting Varoufakis on a leash and are instead going to bring forth a new group of people that the Eurozone will find more reasonable.

    Now I won’t say that I like Varoufakis or anything (the guy is clueless and was ill prepared for an actual position of power) but if nothing else, at least he was trying to get a better deal for Greece (hopeless and idiotic as his attempts were). So a gold star to him for effort. But since Syriza wants to stick to the rules of a game that is impossible for the Hellenic people to win in, they now need to take a new approach in order to formalize the surrender of Hellas to the usurers.

    So for those Syriza supporters, the revolution (if it ever existed at all) is now coming to a close.

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