4 comments on “The Business of Illegal Immigration: Money, A Lot of Money…

  1. Amazing how these immigrants complain they are poor, yet can afford to pay 20,000 Euros to risk their life to get to Europe. It is an INVASION nothing more.

  2. Let’s not forget the money made by the capitalist class that exploits these invaders for the use of cheap labour in their businesses, often as a cheap substitute for Greeks.

  3. There more to this story, this is the plan that zionsim created.. they first start with funding civil wars ect, and all the natives will move out.. (europe) after this, then we get into the traffickers, its not just in europe, its the u.s., alot of the mexicans “look for work” “new life” “want to go to collage” yet they have movie to pay their traffickers, the ones that cant pay just keep trying to get in. only way obv to stop this is to close the borders.. but! the zionist governments says we cant do that! hows that democracy we got guys? it smells like it has cap on its head 😉

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