9 comments on “Tsipras Admits Defeat

  1. If anybody, thought this Bolshevik Marxist pig would of made any changes, well there just retards…..its been proven over and over with Greeks…GREEKS are on there way to extinction
    just like the north American. Native people….

    • It is not easy to change a political system. Especially when there are 10 different parties and many being spoilers and a duistraction. Many people are naive. Many are not very intelligent. In Greece there is also more than one nationalist party too. Also Tsipras launched a good PR campaign and convinced many to believe in him. Golden Dawn does not have the PR firms, media and elites on it’s side to win quickly and easily. It will be long and difficult.

  2. We knew Tsipras wouldn’t, and couldn’t, deliver an escape from EU debt. it was all phony, leftist posturing and bravado. Previous Greek governments made Greece captive to the ECB, IMF and EU, with no other conditions except faithful repayment. The Greeks are captive to massive debt and now the creditors are demanding their cash. The response should be the same that the Athenians gave to Xerxes’ general Mardonious when he demanded capitulation after the battle of Salamis. They surrounded Lysidas, a member of the Greek council who merely advocated listening to the Persian offer, and stoned him to death. Then the women of Athens who were still camped on Salamis took Lysidas’ wife and children and stoned them to death as well.

    • Haha, if only it were as simple as that. If we could do that, we could have all the traitors of the nation rounded up in an afternoon. It reminds and makes me sad about what much of our race has become while also hopeful of what we could be again. Could you imagine a group of fierce Hellenic women marching into the center of Athens and knocking the stuffing out of the usurers? Well if more sons and daughters of Hellas finally realize what our real struggle is and who the true enemies are, we soon will not even have to imagine!

  3. The picture says it all ,,,the pied piper leading the morons who voted for him over the cliff face.I have always been under the impression that the people of Greece, more than anyone else loved the family,that they came first in everything and yet like lemmings they voted for this marxist controlled pipsqueak.. More rapes of greek women, more muslim rape gangs drugging and prostituting greek children (it happens every day in my country so i know!!). Disgraceful, absolutely pathetic!… After all that has happened to your ONCE beautiful country the people of Greece still listen and follow the same “controlled” media lies and like little children off they toddle to vote for the “controlled” scum who will destroy everything they hold dear…!!!

  4. I think he is more comparable to a snake oil salesman. As with many of these political parties nowadays, it seems more like they were trying to sell some sort of product during their campaigning rather than discussing what their plans actually were. “We aren’t like that other leftist party that ran the nation into the ground! Oh no, we are the new and improved version! Order now and we will double the offer!”

    • You can’t cheat an honest man, as the saying goes. Greeks, like so many Europeans, seem to worship the idea of “Europe” and the ideal of an EU. It doesn’t seem to matter that the EU and Europe in practice are going down the drain.

      I suspect even the Syriza leadership class is full of people who actually believed that the EU and ECB would change “for the good of Europe”. It is their religion. They obviously have very little nationalism, but have to have something to believe in. It isn’t God and it isn’t nationalism, so it is Europeanism.

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