11 comments on “Ilias Kasidiaris: We Are Against the Construction of the Mosque in Athens

  1. Greece lives in poverty but let’s go build a mosque for foreigners since you know we don’t have any
    ancient religious and modern religious glory to savor? rolling my eyes.

    I think we need to kick out some muslim worshipping greeks out of Greece.

    Build up Eleusis or Olympia. Build religious centers where the gods were born like
    1. Krete-Zeus,
    2. Samos-Hera,
    3. Poseidon where was he was born I forget I think somewhere in Peloponneso don’t quote me on this one
    4.Hermes- Mount Cyllene
    5. Apollo and Artemis- Delos
    6. Athena- some say Olympos
    7. Hephastios- Olympos
    8. Hades-
    9. Dionysus- Mount Nysa raised
    10. Aphrodite- Kythera Cyprus
    11. Demeter-
    12. Hestia-

  2. ψ ΑΛΩΑ – ΠΟΣΕΙΔΕΑ ‘2015’ ⋔

    Η Λατρευτική κοινότητα «Λάβρυς» εόρτασε τa «Αλώα-Ποσείδεα» την Κυριακή 18 Ιανουαρίου «2015»

  3. As a proud Greek and Orthdox Christian, I am apauled that swine like the Bobolas family and other elites that support these projects that doom our people aren’t in prison for treason.
    One day, god willing, Greece will have a Nation Government, and I truely hope Bobolas and the rest face justice.

    • Hp what is going on in this video? Also to Herm, yeah god willing.. soon! but now golden dawn’s future is at stake, this trial is gonna be the tipping point if u ask me, gd wins.. what are they gonna do this government after? they will do somthen i imagine. i cant wait for the day the trial concludes! golden dawn will be truly unstoppable, all (media, whoever else) says all this bs about gd “facing justice” but.. the greek people know! the truth. the media can make things look as if people believe them but in reality we all have similar views on national issues.

      • & to the topic, just another way of showing these “politicians” aren’t fighting for their people, instead they fight for illegals that are more important? more desiring? wtf is with these people.. of course i know but some greeks may not.. or just haven’t put the puzzle together, this is what golden dawn will show them. one day, golden dawn will lead the greek nation to what it truly deserves!

  4. As a Spartan in heart made of pure Hellenic blood living in Astoria Queens the heart of Hellenic society in USA Id like to point out something!
    In every Greek Orthodox Church in astoria except for St Markella ,mosque seems to be at our door steps! These Moslems are trying to take us out!
    It reminds me of Constantinople and St Sophia . History is repeating itself . For some demonic reason the Arabs are hell bent on conquering our Church and people.
    I never seen a mosque next to a synagogue so why are they across from Greek Orthodox churches ? Open your eyes people these Moslems want to conquer Our women Our Fatherland and Our beloved Astoria hence everything that is Hellenic !
    Either realize now or later but one day all Greeks will be forced to fight or die for our Fatherland!
    Hail X.A.
    Hail victory !
    If Greece opens a mosque in Athens we will dance around its ashes when Our Hellenic Sun burns it down!

    • Are you a member of GD since you are Greek? I wish I could be, but I’m Italian. Anyways, I admire your country very much!

      Hail X.A.

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