3 comments on “On Statements by the Psuedo-Mufti and the Raising of the Issue for a Referendum for an “Independent Thrace”

  1. As far as I know, Greece legally always had these Turkish and Pomak (Bulgarian Muslim) minorities in the Western Thrace region of Greece. Prior to the illegal immigrant invasion of Greece, there were about 98 thousand Muslims in Greece, which were indigenous to Greece and they legally possessed Greek citizenship. This was the only minority population in Greece prior to 1990s. Technically, however, this call for breaking off Western Thrace from Greece is illegal and invalid according to the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923. Also, Greece has never violated the articles of that treaty on the rights and citizenship of the Muslim minority of Western Thrace. Also, this referendum would be anti-democratic because 65% of the people of Western Thrace are still Greeks.

  2. I propose a referundum to send the Turkish leaching thieves back to their gypsy land. There are way to many muslim worshing greeks in Greece. I have not seen one good thing that the greek government does for it’s greek citizens. It is a disgrace as well for greece to have contacts with england and turkey over Greek Cyprus.

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