5 comments on “Ilias Kasidiaris: SYRIZA is Binding the Country with an Ethnocidal Memorandum

  1. On RT’s facebook page the article reads:-

    ‘Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay: Greece has no money to make IMF payment, interior minister says’

    These types of headlines keep recurring, ever since Syriza took office, back in March. To me it looks like a staged philosophical dialectic between Athens and Brussels-Berlin, with both sides in quiet complete agreement with each other about maintaining the status quo, though neither side can actually do anything at all, except keep rinsing the already thoroughly rinsed “creditor-debtor” dialectic, for public consumption, in order to keep at all costs a mask on what is really utter EU insolvency.

    If anyone knows what is REALLY being agreed on behind closed doors, then it’s high time we all get let known about it. Is it that the Greek government is quietly continuing implementation of the troika diktat (a situation which the previous Greek government greatly facilitated for the current one) whilst most arrogantly and cowardly lying about public statements such as the following:-

    ‘If we can, on June 5, repay the IMF and pay pensions and salaries as well as the other obligations we have to our internal creditors, we shall. If not, we will have to prioritise pensioners and public sector workers.’ (Varoufakis) ???

    I imagine it is a certain lie, wherefore pensions and salaries are going to get cut even more, as usual, though due to the fact they won’t be entirely cut the government can always claim to the people they are in fact “doing their job”. And what’s to stop it doing this, if it’s already been done so many times with the previous government? How will the people be able to verify any of it, if at all?

    • “REALLY being agreed on behind closed doors, then it’s high time we all get let known about it. ”

      They (IMF, EU, Goldman Sachs, etc.) are forcing Greece into privatizing the country’s assets, selling out state-owned corporations and squeezing the populace out of their money & properties. All to further a privatized new world order where everything is owned & controlled by a small financial-political elite.

      • That’s why the west is finally at war with Russia (and China ultimately), and 25 years after the end of the Cold War at that. But part of that war seems to have incorporated western self inflicted economic crisis, with no adequate means to solve it. I say it again, all the main western financial institutions and the EU are insolvent, but many people still don’t get it. This still new Greek government is even more treacherous than the previous one, publicly saying it will prioritise pensioners and public sector workers, whilst quietly doing the exact opposite. And it is probably without doubt the troika gave the traitors explicit instructions to say they will prioritise pensioners and public sector workers, just to buy themselves time and hope (in utter vain) Russia capitulates under sanctions and huge pressure from the fallout in Ukraine etc. Which means if the Greek government was an actual Greek led one, it could with just one raised middle finger default on the entire malicious debt and send the troika spinning all the way down into oblivion. Seriously, how can the Greek people tolerate this evil anymore, what’s stopping them from just taking down and burying this utterly malignant tumor of a regime!!!!?????

  2. I think greece needs to put on the thinking caps in creating a magneficient economy instead of complaining and borrowing money.

    1. One she needs to leave the EU. If someones economy is down she will be dragged down
    with it.
    2. In schools that lunch money can be used for taxes if greece has it the same as in the U.S.
    3. Put a say $20,000 one time tax fee on every home sold.
    4. Create flea markets in every province of Hellas. The government will charge a small fee.
    If people create a great product they can open their own business which is a huge plus
    for hiring/creating jobs.
    5. Put a $30 fee on every head for anyone entering or leaving greece. If it’s huge families
    give them a break though. This is towards greeks and tourists.
    6. Trains, buses do create revenue. Don’t give anyone a discount on this. If Olympic
    airways is government owned that will create revenue to.
    7. Create a traveling channel for greeks in greece. Show each place in greece, whether
    an ancient site, church, tourist sight, bars/clubs something specific on the channel.
    Have the hotels, taxis supermarkets advertise on that channel.
    How will this create revenue? The government will get revenue from the advertising.
    And the Hellenic provinces will get revenue from the travel as in hotels, taxis/
    transportation, food industry/groceries, restaurants bars.
    8. Have the government create specific theme oriented festivals around greece, philosophy festival,
    specific food festival, tool festival, fashion festival, story contest recital festival, poetry contest
    recital festival, art contest festival etc etc. That will bring in revenue for the Hellens
    cause they will be selling things there and we will also have alot of fun.
    9. Another way is for greece is to give out loans to people solely to open businesses at a low
    interest but they must hire that’s the only condition. Some will fail but some will succeed.
    That will be a plus for the economy.
    10. Hellas needs to build up some areas on the islands as in create plumbing, electricity and roads.
    You cannot have Hellens living like that and wanting to live elsewhere. The ones I’m
    talking about are already deserted.

    To Helleniko Ena

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