5 comments on “No to the Selling-Off of the Port! Large-scale Political Activism by the Piraeus Region- PHOTOS-VIDEO

  1. By selling this port off, Syriza is not only betraying their own voters but also every Hellenic living now and those of the future. They are selling this in a vain attempt to keep away a debt that sooner or later will no longer be able to be paid anyway. Thus not only is this action treasonous, it is also ultimately pointless and foolish. They rob not only us, but they rob the future of our children.

  2. Really! After New Democracy and Pasok (centre right and left) the Greeks have gone for Syriza (far left), which has summed up with ANEL. None of these governments are solving the Greek problem and are at the same time betraying the Greek people and lying to them constantly. The only new option in the next elections is GD and that is why you people result so dangerous to the European and international establishment: you are the only ones left that haven’t lied to Greeks and you won’t play their game.

  3. amazing how greece has ended up to this point in it’s life, although this is upsetting news, in a way its also a positive one.. it just proves again and again that these partys like sryiza are liers and not what the greek people voted for! so with this being said, these people will move to where else? golden dawn, bc golden dawn is the only party that is the truth and a real group of greeks that want the best for greece. soon this will be recognized and proven, all else will lie in the dust ie slander, persecution, terrorism, golden dawn only moves one way! forward! just a matter of time right now, greeks will move to golden dawn in mass! they will bc they have no choice, after gd is vindicated, their true colors will shine plainer then the definition of plain as day…

    • “their true colors will shine plainer then the definition of plain as day…” i was saying this in response to sryiza not gd.

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