14 comments on “Thousands of Greeks Honored the Memory of the Last Defenders of Constantinople – EARLY PHOTOS

  1. Do not want to offend Greeks, but the defenders of Constantinople were quite doomed by 1453. This has to do with the fact that the Ottoman Turkish Army already had surrounded Constantinople, Thessaloniki, Morea and Trebizond some decades prior to their capture, by gradually capturing smaller towns in the countryside and by constant raids.The Ottoman Army was quite large, there were 80 thousand Ottoman soldiers in the initial phase of the attack on Constantinople. And this army was at 160 thousand later. It always surprised me, how fast the Ottoman Empire had managed to expand in the 14th and 15th centuries. It basically exploded very fast and conquered huge amounts of land in the relatively short amount of time, it conquered Western Anatolia and most of the Balkans in approximately 100 years, from 1361 capture of Adrianople to the 1461 fall of Morea and Trebizond. Ottoman conquest of strong and proud Balkan European countries of Eastern Roman Empire, Bulgaria and Serbia was quite strange and mysterious. What is even more miraculous, is that Greek identity survived centuries of Ottoman rule and enslavement, to become independent and free in 1821-1831 period, forming the Kingdom of Greece.

  2. Hi AI they kidnapped Christian children and made them into one of them. When one does that of course they are going to become big.

    As for Constantinople I read the greeks were holding them off like never before. The Turks gained when someone left a door open. I’m not kidding on this.

    I don’t know about other greeks but how I see it is as a bunch of nomadic squatters had some kind of delusion that they created something with anothers property, land, resources and ones very being.

    In 1821 we greeks gave them a reality check. We kicked them out like never before the Turkish squatters!

    Kingdom of greece? No remember we greeks we were already there WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY before the Turkish squatters came and squatted.. Remember Byzas the founder of Byzantion. We are not named
    from any roman name. We have our own native city name from the very beginning of time.

    I hope you weren’t trying to make out that we greeks were just some population in the so called Turkish ottoman delusional empire and that we just broke away with the “Turkish squatters land so laughable”
    cause I hear some Turks do paint out that delusion.

    • It is just that the Byzantine Empire was called the Eastern Roman Empire in some history books. Emperors of Constantinople were Roman Emperors by succession. The Ottoman Army stormed Constantinople primarily due to cannons and large numbers. Also, Ottoman Army not only used former Christian boys as janissaries, but also Kurds and Persians were used in Ottoman cavalry units all the time. Greeks defended Constantinople quite well, but numbers were against them. However, 1453 was not end of Greek presense in the city. Some 365 thousand Greeks lived in the city at the end of the XIX century.

      • Numbers weren’t against greeks.. Someone left the door/port open. There was a mistake. The greeks were still defeating them until the mishap with the door.
        That’s how these “mighty warriors” aka squatters won.

        The Romans can call us anything they want. Remember they are descended from us through Aeneas in Troy.

    • Constantinople in the XIX and early XX century was not a turkish majority city. Believe it or not. Only about 40-48% of Constantinople was turkish at any time between 1844 and 1912. There were huge Greek, Armenian and Levantine Catholic populations in Constantinople prior to Young Turk government takeover. So turks should at least bring back the divercity to Constaninople/Istanbul before they complain. Ottoman Empire had guaranteed rights and security for all it’s religious ethnic minorities in international treaties. Turks violated all of that.

      • I disagree. It can’t be 40- 48 percent. There were more greeks there even in that time.

    • One interesting note is that Consantine XI Paleologos, who courageously defended the city of Constantinople in 1453 … was not entirely Greek. He was Greek, Slavic and also Italian in terms of ethnicity. Hopefully this does not upset you. The Paleologos and Komnenos Dynasties often intermarried with Serbian nobility, such as the Dragas, Lazarevic, Brankovic and Kotromanic families. Also, his great-grandmother was an Italian princess of the Savoy Dynasty. Some of Palaeologus Dynasty members had intermarried with Hungarian and French nobility. Even when the city of Constantinople was being defended, a small contingent of Italian volunteers from Genoa and Sicily arrived to defend the city along with the Greeks.

      • Upset me? Why would it upset me? Some say the Slavs are Persians in one story. If that’s true they are descended from the greek medea as in the tribe the Medes hence the greek name Dragasee.
        Greeks don’t need to Hellenize anyone.

  3. You don’t know how old greece is. And I’m not saying that because I’m Hellenic. I try to read as much as possible of ancient history. Of what I see greece might’ve witnessed the beginning of time on this earth.

  4. When did the Western part cease to exist? What year? And the Eastern still existed afterwards right? So how can it still be called part of the Roman empire when it had no help from Rome? You have to give credit to the greeks on that one.

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