10 comments on “Mytilene in a State of Emergency Due to… Illegal Immigrants! The Mayor is Begging to have them Removed from the Island

  1. The greek coast guard must be patrolling every island. Hire as many as Greece needs.

    • The relevant minister (Shipping and Aegean)Theodoros Deities, is the husband on the Alternate Minister of Immigration Policy, Tasia Christodoulopoulou AKA Mumm-Ra.
      Perhaps they are working together to flood the country with illegals that just wish to ‘sun thrmselves’.

  2. This is terrible!! Surely they know that Syriza will turn a blind eye to this. here in Australia, when we had the left Labour in power, ‘refugees’ were flooding into Australia from Indonesia because they KNEW Labout had a soft policy on this issue. When the next government came in with a ‘stricter’ policy – the boats stopped coming (well, there’s still a few). I hope the Greeks realise the monster they have created in voting for parties such as Syriza. I also notice most of them are men; so are we expecting the rape statistics to increase in Greece?

  3. Apparently, it’s the same on the Island of Kos! Anyway, imagine if there is an outbreak of TB or suchlike – on a small island! Frightening! Hopefully, GD can sort this situation one day!

  4. Im willing to bet that most on this island voted for Syriza. I saw a report this morning where hoteliers on the island of Kos were complaining about the illegals that it will effect their business and one even went as far as saying that if nothing gets done to remove them then they are finished. Here again im willing to bet that they voted Syriza. you know what they say, The people get the government they deserve. I wonder how they will be voting for any party that even hints at being illegal friendly? Unfortunately and i have experienced this first hand here in my country and that is that one cant try and convince useful idiots of the left with facts and figures as they will just shout racist etc etc, the only way one will see the light is when they feel it firsthand. Unfortunately it is the only way to open such idiots eyes and their eyes will remain open for ever. Anything else is just a waste of time. Let their enrichment begin

  5. Mytilene? I thought it is the island of Lesbos. It is called that on maps. Is not Lesbos the place where homosexuality came from? I often thought that Lesbos is named that way because of some strange connection to female homosexuals that lived there once upon a time. Not sure.

    • It has two names, mytilini is the Italian word sometimes used, Lesvos is the ancient Greek word. The reason modern day perverts and homosexuals use the term “Lesbian” does not actually have to do with any homosexual activity that was on the island it has to do with the story of an ancient Greek woman named Sappho.

      Sappho was a woman who lived on Lesvos and ran a school for women, preparing them to be brides. The Athenians at the time saw the idea of a woman reading and teaching and running her own school as strange, and there were apparently those who critisized her for that.

      Modern Jewish intellectuals picked up on the story of Sappho and say to university students that she was a homosexual simply because she was an independent woman who ran an all girls school and was critisized by Athenian men.

      That’s how the term “Lesbian” meaning homosexual started. But what these Jews like to leave out about the story of Sappho is how she died.

      Sappho was in love with a ferryman who used to occasionally visit the island, and apparently he did not share the same feelings for her, or some circumstances happened that he never stayed with her on the island, so she comitted suicide.

      This part of the story of Sappho is completely left out in Jewish run universities, just as the etymology of the anicent Greek word for homosexual “kinaidos”.

      Kinaidos means “causer of shame” which exposes the hostile attitude towards homosexuals in ancient Greece , and homosexual women are not generally known to commit suicide over men.

    • Just because there was homoism a.k.a mental illness there in ancient Hellas doesn’t mean it originated there. It means it was noted there. So there is a difference with the origin matter.
      Everybody in greece condemned it like they do in the present. I’m sure some Turks, some others
      and bunch of homos do want to degrade Hellas.

  6. Which political party governs Mytilene? Be the left or the politically correct right they should feel delighted to be so “enriched” by this “unavoidable” influx of immigrants. What a bunch of hypocrites!!!

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