8 comments on “N.G. Michaloliakos: The Prime Ministers’ Realism is a Disorderly Retreat

  1. haha well said. I wonder how a wolf and a sheep can ever make a “mutually beneficial decision” when all the wolf wants is to kill and eat the sheep.

    Only a lion can fight a wolf and the lion is Golden Dawn.

  2. Who says he was talking about Greece? Maybe the prime minister was talking about himself and the
    loan sharks.

  3. Everytime i Google “British Newspapers” what sticks out, and it is so, so annoying, is that, that PERVERSION of a “British newspaper “The Guardian”is taking an avid interest in your once beautiful Greece, i wonder why!! It would seem that this liberal left country destroying arse wipe of a rag is getting worried in case SYRIZA does not give your country away.!!!

  4. I predicted months ago that Syriza would either give in immediately or fight austerity for as long as possible while still staying in the Euro. To their credit, they did choose the second option. But even so, they are reaching the end of it. And whether they chose the long or short road is irrelevant. At the end of the day, they end up in the same place. Soon enough, Syriza will be the latest example of the folly of electing a party without spine, a party that has only contempt for its own people.

    And their popularity? Well, a large number of the people that voted for them are fickle. They will abandon Syriza just as quickly as they initially supported them. Syriza, ANEL, and The River are political fads. ND and Pasok are increasingly irrelevant. Only Golden Dawn can lead the nation.

    • Fighting?

      They fight alright, huff and puff, but it’s a all for show. The last thing they want is to not appear as though they fought, but they and the loan sharks know behind closed doors it’s all posturing. Their afraid of being seen as liars, and more afraid that not fighting will make people vote GD. Syriza already said so, and many newspapers have said so, and politicians in Europe said so, that if Syriza fails it will benefit the Golden Dawn. That is what they’re afraid of. So, the fighting is all for show, but in the end they will ultimately do as their told I think.

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