15 comments on “Eternal Anti-Greek Hatred: SYRIZA MP Spouts Her Poison Against the Greeks

  1. Who are her parents? Her parents were born where? Was she born in Greece?

    That’s very bad for that treacherous sea hag to be talking that way.

    • I often wonder why do these leftist social democrat politicians in Europe are often so stupid and suicidal. I mean … when these muslim illegal immigrants would eventually get weapons and form terrorist gangs and become a lot like ISIS and Al Qaeda once their numbers become rather large. And these social democrats and leftists would be literally on the chopping block. It is not easy to be a leftist in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or Qatar. Wahhabi Islamist fanatics have no admiration for leftists. For them, they are infidels and unbelievers. Harming their own people would not do SYRIZA leftists any good long term. Muslim immigration would blow back on them.

  2. Traitorous bitch looks like a Jew to me! As an aside. i was watching British TV news tonight (CH4) anyway, they were discussing the Debt crisis and low and behold it was the usual State puppets interviewed – some American Greek bitch for New Democracy and someone from Syriza. The New Democracy bitch was maintaining that the (illegitimate) Debt should be paid, meanwhile the Syriza clown struggled to articulate his party’s position and just appeared to fudge the issue – typical! If they had any honour at all – they would tell those creditors(loan sharks) to stick it – so to speak!

    • Even though I have not seen this interview, I do not doubt your description.

      Because indeed, New Democracy is little more than the political manifestation of foreign interests so of course they would talk of the importance of feeding their loan shark overlords. As for Syriza, it should stand as no surprise that a representative would struggle to explain their party position. I mean for goodness sake, they were elected on only hype and impossible promises. They do not have a party position to explain in the first place! Even the greatest PR agencies would be powerless to defend Syriza’s quickly evaporating image.

    • “White Dog 14″, ” i was watching British TV news tonight (CH4)” ….I think Patriot what you meant to say is, i was watching the usual propaganda and brainwashing emanating from Channel 4 “news” tonight and, as always, the man with the eyes of a snake John Snow and Cathy Newman were spouting there anti British marxist garbage…!!

      • You’re right lol! Speaking of CH4 – I particulaly loathe Matt Frei, a brain-dead Liberal if ever i saw one! Speaking of Matt Frei – he was the interviewer, on the aforementioned news item! To say a child could ask more probing questions would be an understatement!

  3. Is the name jewish? I can’t tell on this one. It’s 50/50.
    Is that her married name? If that’s her married name
    what’s her maiden name?

  4. Very fine indeed, an upper middle class leftist pretender whose only encounter with the real poor is through the rose-colored lens of Marxist class taxonomy. She forgets that the Greek poor who are her brothers and sisters and friends and mothers and fathers are rotting in unemployment lines while she panders to foreign poor. This is the grossest form of cultural dissonance and self-hate.

  5. Okay I just have to say this: she looks like a witch.

    That aside though, notice how (just like every other hypocritical leftist) she doesn’t actually live anywhere near immigrants? Perhaps she should go outside a bit and experience some of the wonderful multiculturalism that she has been missing out on. After all, there is more than enough to go around.

    • anastais, Even if “she” did live near these immigrants there is one thing for sure she would not be worried about becoming part of the rape statistics. God she is one freaky looking creature.Who in their right mind would vote for THAT and WHY is “she” getting away with what she is saying…!!!

  6. Can it be anything else?
    Saying that it’s self hate is a pretty good observation. That could very well be.

    But I also see that she is a traitor. Who are her parents? Were they born in Greece?
    Does she speak Turkish?

  7. She is like a lot of the brain washed people that is out there, She has some sympathy for illegals, feels like we should bend over backwards for them, even though in reality, weve given them everything already, its part of a scheme, this lady isnt dum… i know that’s hard to believe but she knows what she’s doing. if she is still in greece when gd is in charge, i imagine she will have to answer for what she’s done she is a sryiza mp after all,..

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