9 comments on “The Daily illegal Immigrant Report: 1,012… Preferred Us Today

  1. My god, the way it is being listed in numbers for every island… it just shows you that this is nothing short of an invasion.

    And indeed, I would love to hear ANEL’s thoughts on this. I guess they take their red lines just about as seriously as Tsipras does…

  2. Golden Dawn has 18 mp’s in the parliament. How is a bill passed in Hellas? If you have power to create a bill banning them you have to try to do it.

    • What was Kissinger’s plan? Kissinger was an advisor to president of USA Richard Nixon and well as his secretary of state. I know that Kissinger had an huge influence on Nixon. But Kissinger is out of office since 1977.

    • Some lady in the government is telling them what to do or and preventing gd from doing something about a bill. And our GD member is complaining big time about it.

      That’s right you defend yourself to kingdom in this world. If you don’t you are eaten alive for one reason or the other due to someones malice and incompetence.

      I also want to say something to Hellens. One of my Beliefs as the Helleniko Ena is that an Hellen otan vlepi allon Hellen prepi na tou leoni tin karthia kai na kani oti bori na voithesee to allon Hellen ama Hriazete.

      It’s very bad to have such contempt for another Hellen. That’s toward the witch against gd.

      Save it for th Tuerks, Kipro, For Asia Minor.

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