4 comments on “Christos Pappas: Golden Dawn Will Vote Against the New Memorandum

  1. The time has finally come when Greece can say good by to the corrupt EU, In the long run the Greek people will be so much better off outside the Eurozone.The great CORRUPT EU ‘ponzi’ scheme is, was and alway’s will be…. corrupt, unaccountable and undemocratic.
    Iceland got rid of the corrupt EU put bankers in prison and the EU screamed that they would crash & burn…did not happen and there GDP first quarter is 2.7% 2015, Better than the UK at 0.3% FQ 2015.So all hail Greece tell the EU to F/O. Portugal ,United Kingdom,Spain,Italy will all follow that’s for sure, the corrupt EU is in the death throws.

  2. There is a lot of talk now of Greece possibly exiting the Eurozone. Of course it could all just be rumors meant to increase chance of a new “deal”. I think any sane Greek person would agree that if this comes to pass, that why on earth did it take this long?

    It’s been almost 7 years since the start of the crisis, and in that time Greek GDP per capita has shrunk by 1/3rd. That means Greece has literally gained nothing since being a Euro member. The growth years from 2002 to 2007 were an illusion and every cent gained has been lost because of being in the Euro. The crisis that started in 2008 and really deteriorated in 2009/2010, could have been over in 2010 with much less pain and suffering than has taken place. Greece has been forced to suffer because it was a Eurozone member, it could not default, it kept having to cut pensions, cut wages, layoff workers, and what did Greece gain?

    It gained nothing, because the Eurozone is a straightjacket that has kept Greece from truly fixing it’s economy. If Greece stays in the Eurozone it will suffer even more, because it will have to continue the current policies which will leave the Greek economy in shambles for years if not decades to come. Had Greece been a country like Hungary or Iceland, with it’s own currency, and more flexibility and sovereignty Greece could have been out of this crisis a long time ago. There can be no Greek economic miracle on par with the 1960s and early 1970s as long as Greece is held hostage by the Eurozone, it will always be sub-par growth or decline. That goes for a lot of EU Eurozone countries. The Eurozone is a failure on many fronts, firstly, because it takes away too much sovereignty for national government to exploit their potential. In reality, much of the EU growth itself is artificial, coming mainly from expansion into Eastern Europe, in countries that only recently or never adopted the Euro. Germany’s economy is able to expand because of the Eastern German infrastructure needs and the position Germany has in the EU as the defacto ruler of the Euro along with France who is to a much limited extent also able to do whatever it wants without the same kind of restrictions that other EU Eurozone countries worry about or are limited by.

    If Greece could have defaulted on it’s debt or nationalized the banks, or any other 2nd or 3rd option that could have saved Greece from years of poverty and loss of sovereignty Greece would be like Iceland today. It would be recovering by now, instead Greece has been made to accept conditions that will keep Greece poor and weak, with it’s sovereignty lost. No country should have their sovereignty and the price of Eurozone membership isn’t worth that loss of sovereignty, because without sovereignty a country can’t possibly grow to the best of it’s capabilities. The only countries that actually benefit from their Eurozone membership is Germany, and even that is questionable because Germany even Germany is in a rut and still is restrained from being the country it can be, as are all other EU Eurozone nations. It is as if the Eurozone was created to keep European countries weak and less free. The countries and people that rather enjoy Eurozone membership or promote it like it’s the best thing ever are delusional. Those people usually come from Northern Europe where they think their economic success is owed to the Eurozone, forgetting that they were successes before the Eurozone. Netherlands, Germany, France, all had stable and strong economies and currencies, in fact, the Euro was replaced as extensions of their currencies. Now they have baggage, or rather poorer hostage nations tied to what is essentially the currency a small group of EU Eurozone nations.

  3. Here in Spain we are quite worried about Greece not coughing up what she owes. If she leaves the Euro and doesn’t pay we over here are supposed be next. On the short run people (the normal average citizen) will be really fucked, but on the long run we will have recovered our sovereignty, we will have the chance to rid the country of Cultural Marxism and recover a strong national economy like we had until the 70s.

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