24 comments on “Traitors in Government Pass Illegal Ethnocide Bill to Consider Illegal Immigrants Greek

  1. Europe is being invaded by third world refugees because of the laws granting citizenship to immigrants by liberal leftist governments. These laws passed by a minority few against the wishes of the majority, throws out the sacrifice of the millions of Europeans over the last 2500 years who fought and died protecting Europe from Asiatic and African invaders.The present legal immigrant population of countries like Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and France is now 10 percent and rising. Greece has observed what has happened to these once safe countries with the rampant rise of immigrant crime. I am saddened that with the passing of this insane citizenship granting law, Greece will never be able to expell the soon to be legal refugees and immigrants that have overun the Country. The traitors that passed this bill should be imprisoned for treason to the country.

  2. In my opinion, the international Zionist-plutocracy is fully exposed. The Zionist-plutocracy is openly pursuing a policy of White genocide. It’s everywhere you look; Whites are being dispossessed, and they are outlaws if they resist their own genocide. But yet, somehow, mysteriously, the racist, apartheid Zionist entity manages to garner the “complete absolute unwavering unshakeable eternal unbreakable” support of America, as well as much of the rest of the Zionist infiltrated “West”. The indigenous Europeans are forced to bankroll their own genocide and simultaneously subsidize the Jewish ethno-state. How can this be? The history of the world since 1945 shows the answer: a global Zionist-plutocratic deep-state emerged, and has quietly influenced events from behind the curtain ever since. The Zionist-plutocratic deep-state has orchestrated world events. They have cashed-in on massive environmental destruction, and are using the resulting population displacement as yet a further reason to force upon Europe ever more waves of divide-and-conquer “diversity” and “multiculturalism”. The end result will be herds of nomadic serfs and landless wage slaves, with no identity, easy to exploit and manipulate. The Zionist-plutocracy is perpetrating a planetary enclosure movement; the hollowing out of national economies and the pilfering of the nations’ wealth, all this and more Whites have been subjected to, and the latest scam is of course “austerity”. And no matter which parties get into power, no matter who is promised what, regardless of the inevitable, easily foreseeable disastrous consequences, the Agenda never changes: “diversity, multiculturalism, tolerance, inclusion, openness”. Since the end of WWII – step-by-step – the Zionist-plutocratic deep-state has implanted within Western White nation-states the seeds of their own destruction. They want the Europe of tomorrow to look like the Libya of today. That’s their goal, and the wealth and power that go with it. The System Whore mass media mouthpieces will call it anything but what it really is: White genocide.

    • Perfectly said. Really couldn’t have said it better myself. By destroying the homogeneity of all White nations the Jews plan to ensure another racial/national movement can never get off the ground as that is their greatest enemy. The Bangladeshi guy who has just gotten his Greek citizenship is not going to identify with a Golden Dawn MP talking about the Hellenic nation, history, and culture so naturally he’d never gravitate toward such a party. This weakens any political resistance to their genocidal plan.

  3. Isn’t this unconstitutional? Greece was founded as an Ethno-State, this bill completely goes against the spirit of Hellenism.

    • Yes it is. A similar one was passed (Ragousis law) which a few years ago was declared unconstitutional by Greece’s Council of State.

      I like to use a native american analogy when trying to explain nationality to brainwashed Greek Americans. So, Just like I can never become a Cherokee indian, a Cherokee indian can never become Greek. Some how this helps them process what’s going on.

  4. Wait a second. Bringing in illegal immigrants into Greece and making them into Greek citizens might also be against international law. When Greek independence was confirmed in 1829 and 1832 with the Treaties of Adrianople and Constantinople, Greece was stated to become an ethnic Greek state. And in 1922, a population exchange agreement was signed, which also confirmed Greece to be an ethnic state for Greece and only non-Greek minorities which would be allowed to legally stay and become Greek citizens were the Turks and Pomaks of Western Thrace. The only ethnic minority that was going to be allowed in Greece according to Treaty of Lausanne of 1923 were 97 thousand Muslims of Western Thrace.

    • Greece doesn’t recognize minorities in it’s own country. They are greek muslims.

      You need to stop making posts that celebrate Turks. It’s very offensive.

      • I don’t celebrate Turks, but the Turks and Pomaks of Western Thrace formally have certain guaranteed rights under international law according to Treaty of Lausanne of 1923. But overall that treaty stated that all Muslims except ones in Western Thrace cannot be Greek citizens. Greece is Greek.

  5. You know I was thinking where the enemies of greece were greater inside of greece or outside. And then I’m thinking why do I bother to pose that question when it’s very obvious.

    You got 99 percent of the country living abroad. That is sooooo bad and it’s deliberate by inside forces.

    Who is giving out greek citizenship? Are they selling it for a price?

    Is it Turks trying for it in order to try to control Greece?

    Are they rying to dissolve the all Hellenic state in another scenario? It would be to their advantage to do that as well.

    Golden Dawn needs to get through to these greeks by using logic. If you think they are greek muslims don’t bother with logic you need to destroy them by having them arrested.

    • No it is generally not turks getting the citizenship, it will be mostly albanians, Pakistani and Bangladeshi. The Turks are not immigrating to Greece in large numbers, but they are running much of the smuggling operations to bring the other animals in.

      • Those people are Muslim (I know Albania can be christian to but they can be muslim as well) and it means there’s an instant clique with Turkey.

        Turkey is trying to muslify greece as it did mostly with the slavic lands near us.

      • In this case, it is more than simply Turks that have an interest in doing this. The EU has even more of an interest in flooding the country with foreigners.

      • The EU has no interest in doing such a thing unless they are bought. If you still think so prove it.

      • Can this be stopped? There should not be one single Bengali or Pakistani citizen of Greece.

  6. Only if we Europeans could respond flooding Israel with muslims!!!!! What a marvel that would be!!!

  7. Greece is being thrashed around like a fish at the end of a fishing line. With an almost 30% unemployment rate, austerity, talks of raising the retirement age, thousands of illegal aliens pouring in, a corrupt government, and the pillaging of its resources, I am amazed at how resilient the Greek people are. They represent the true spirit of Hercules, Socrates, and the other great heroes before them.
    To all Greeks, when the Golden Dawn wins I cannot wait to see you truly shine once again!

  8. You are still glorifying the Turks in your posts.

    You do understand you live on greek land, the asia minor and Cyprus is greek land to.

    You leaching squatters may have removed my fellow patriots from their homes but the score isn’t settled yet.

    • Your turks in Thrace are not native to Thrace. You live on greek land from the moment you stepped in Europe.

  9. That’s towards AI there is no reply button on his post to reply to him specifically.

  10. Liberals are the most dangerous creatures in the world,they are the useful idiots for all haters of truth ,freedom and justice.liberals are the number 1 fans of anyone who wants to destroy the western way of life,so if we get rid of the liberals first,the rest will back off,but as long as we have liberals cheering them on,the dangers will continue.Liberals are the ones pushing political correctness,and tolerance of everything evil,they call evil Good and good EVIL,and they punish anyone who speaks out against their madness.Liberals they have a death wish because if these groups take over,they’ll be some of the first ones to be taken out.They turn morality on it’s head and their policies destroy nations AND WILL EVENTUALLY DESTROY THE WORLD. Multiculturalism and political correctness are poison. The people are sick and tired of this one way tolerance none-sense.

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