11 comments on “Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos: No to the Loan Sharks – Yes to National Sovereignty (State TV)

  1. The German controlled 4th Reich corrupt EU said that Iceland would crash & burn if they left the EU?
    Didn’t happen ! They locked up the corrupt Bankers got out of the EU and at present their GDP stands at 2.7% bloody brilliant., and doing very nicely.
    Greece needs to tell the German c*** Merkel to stick the EU where the sun don’t shine. In the short term it’s going to be ruff going but ultimately the Greek people will be much better off without the corrupt EU subjugating this country for eternity .
    The reality would be that Greece would be the savior of all country’s leading the exit in the German controlled 4th Reich corrupt EU as the EU implodes Greece showing the world they will sacrifice whatever sacrifice it takes and will pay whatever the price to be free of the EU CANCER.

    • Why do you compare the German 3rd Reich with Merkel and call it a “4th Reich” despite the two governments being totally opposite and the “4th Reich” being a manifestation of internationally Jewry? That is the exact thing the “3rd Reich” was fighting in WW II

      • Dear XA. I want to learn the truth about the 3rd Reich and Hitler but there are so many opinions. Some people say he is evil. Some say he was good. The bad people say he was a lunatic that wanted to take over the world and have the so called Arian race dominate and also wipe out the jews. People that are against him also say he was working with the Rothschild family and was just an agent of the zionist cabal because of the so called evidence of his father working for the Rothschild family(host of Boilingfrogspost explains in his video). The people that are with him, say he was trying to protect the world from the Jews which I by the way do not trust and too many of them are evil. I on the other hand do not understand why he invaded Greece. It makes no sense to me. Even if Greece joined the allies, Greece did not send soldiers to fight against the German army, was no threat what so ever and didn’t Hitler have respect for the Greeks. If Hitler was a great man, he would not invade Greece. Can you explain. By the way I am a 100% Greek blooded nationalist and support XA 100% and believe it to be the only hope for the Greek people besides a military intervention Papadopoulos style which I don’t know why hasn’t happened by now. Thank you.

      • Things like this are much more complicated and not easy to explain without studying history. However the reality of WWII was that Greece was determined to stay neutral under Metaxas. The British wanted to violate this neutrality and began pushing their navy close. This is why Italy demanded to be able to station soldiers in Greece. Metaxas said no, and beat the Italian forces back, forcing the Germans to intervene. The reason why the Germans invaded Greece had nothing to do with Jew fairytales about Hitler wanting to take over the world. The Allies wanted to use Greece as a jumping off point to bomb German oil refineries in Romania, which was crucial to the war against Russia. Metaxas was poisoned by British intelligence and that is when Greece joined the Allies. Then years later in Cyprus the same “Allies” declared Greek nationalists “terrorists against her majesty” and they showed their true colors.

    • Wow! “Adam”, you have a VERY screwed up sense of reality there son! And obviously you have no knowledge of history either! You should learn that Germany never surrendered at the end of WWII and that Germany has been occupied by a foreign force ever since. The government of Germany has been run by these foreigners and traitorous sell-outs since WWII so anything done by them since the National Socialists were last in power is not realistically being done by “Germans”. Merkel is a full-on commie piece of filth (do some homework on her) of the type that would’ve been treating national Germans like shit during the pre-WWII Weimar period and selling them out to her Bolshevik overlords so to call her “german” is really a complete misnomer. As for your “4th Reich” comment well, that’s just the absolute height of sheer ignorance and STUPIDITY!!! Only an imbecile or a pathetic shill would use such terms – you make yourself obvious by your ridiculous twittering (and the silly Abrahamic name)!

      Your further statements of “Greece would be the savior of all country’s…” and “Greece showing the world they will sacrifice whatever sacrifice it takes and will pay whatever the price” expose you even more! I’m pretty sure the Greek people have probably “sacrificed” enough already and certainly only desire to be the “saviors” of their own fate right now. By the way are you aware other countries are already starting to take the bull by the horns by kicking out the usurers and claiming back rightful sovereignty? Take a look at what’s happening in Hungary right now. Watch this space… Europe & Europeans across the globe WILL beat back this enemy and deal them the final blow they so rightfully deserve because there is only one correct way to deal with a harmful parasite!!!


      • Dear TrueNorthNZ. There is pictures of Merkel in her youth in company with a communist party in Germany. It is very likely that she hid her past and her belief to get into mainstream politics and slowly turn Germany into a communist state. If you think logically really, if Germany were the good guys, (I am saying “if” at this point of time because I am not 100% convinced about Germany and Hitler being right in WW2. I am close to 100% though and all I need is some more proof so bare with me in the meantime. I am inclined to believe you guys) and they forced the Jew ridden west to live a nightmare for 5 years and we’re on the cusp of power and were ultimately going to destroy the zionists and wipe them off the planet. Do you think after Germany was defeated, the zionist would not put a government in place so Germany could never get a foothold again and risk something similar to happen again. I highly doubt it. They did the same thing to Greece when Papadopoulos was taken down. Papadopoulos wanted Greece to be energy independent by creating nuclear factories, was slowing reviving a national conscience into the people, the economy was slowly growing at a steady pace and Greece was debt free. Greece was getting strong militarily as well. A few more years and the zionists would have no control over Greece. This scared the zionists so they took action and brought the military dictatorship down when they got their first chance. Ever since Greece has been ruled by crypto-jew politicians that pretend to be Greek. There are so many of them in the Parliament. It is so sad that people are so stupid to vote for these criminals.

      • Thanks a lot TrueNorthNZ. I have actually watched Hitler:The Greatest Story Never Told but I’ll check the other links. It was very convincing and eye opening. I thought it was completely unnecessary though that he let the British forces escape and gave them time to flee to safety across the English Channel. You do not give a chance to an enemy that threatens humanity.

      • Believe it or not just prior to WWII there was a lot of people in England and even more in the US that actually believed their countries should ally with Germany. This is obviously a fact that is obscured from the public today by the history writers. In regard to Dunkirk, I see that as Hitler’s honorable treatment of a defeated enemy in allowing those that survived to return to their families. If you understand what he was REALLY trying to achieve for the German people then you understand that he had REAL compassion for the actual people fighting on the front line as he himself did in WWI. Britain by itself at that time posed no singular threat to Germany especially considering the speed & efficiency of the German victory in France.

        Anyway, that’ll be my last comment on that. Don’t want to deviate too far off-topic and there’s plenty of good sources of further info out there for those seeking it 🙂

  2. Do you have an opinion of the Romanian Iron Guard, led by Corneliu Codranu, during the Interwar period. He seems like a great hero against the Bolshevik menace

  3. No to the loan sharks. Yes to national sovereignty.

    Just hold a sovereignty business vote we’re all foreign business are sovereign half holdings for a number of years and Greece can’t get out of the European orbit but Greece can make more sovereign moves to fix the loan sharks of eurozone and syriza

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