4 comments on “No to the Bloody Measures and the Relinquishment of National Sovereignty

  1. Greece is currently the only country prepared to resist the corrupt Bureauprats,Fantastic, this is the first NAIL in the Coffin of the EEC Nazi Fascist State, and is doing so by actually using that corruption against those patronizing expletives such as Junckers, It was Brussels that bribed the then Greek Government to join the EU, it was Brussels that allowed the infection of the banks theft and the collapse. It was Brussles that set the terms of further loans and now wants the money returned TO THE BANKS. Sod the people, its all about money. Kiev should take careful note of these events, because they are next in the sights of Brussels. Hence the recent massive loans which the Ukrainian people will never be able to repay. Greeks must leave, followed by Portugal and Italy, by which time the British people will hopefully have woken up to the threat, and will vote to leave the EU. And carry on trading with the rest of world and the commonwealth, which is how Britain became a world power in the first place.

    • Greece must also kick out all non-whites. Race is what makes a nation great.
      Don’t forget that.

  2. We are on the edge. If Greece leaves the Eurozone, it is the END for the banksters and Leftists. Golden Dawn will walk into power. Then it needs to be lights out for the Left. Remove them all.

  3. Hopefully, the great majority of GREEKS, regardless of their political stance, will vote OXI against these measures, and welcome a new beginning for Greece; one that may be outside of the EU.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that both KKE and XA (despite being the complete opposite of each other) are in favor of these very ideas (along with most SYRIZA voters as well).

    So next weekend, there will (exceptionally and temporarily) only be two “kinds” of people, namely, the traitors and/or fearful ignorants who will bow down in defeat, voting yes, VS. those who believe in Greece’s redemption from EU slavery and will vote OXI.

    ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ Η ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ. That is the question to be answered.

    Greece has the best fresh food resources, the best lands, it has been destroyed and rebuilt countless times throughout its history. What is there to “fear”? It is the EU who needs to fear us! WE have the potential of walking out of their fraudulent games (which they’ve been constantly preventing us from leaving), while also inspiring others to do the same. The power is in OUR hands.

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