17 comments on “Chaos in Greece: 7 Months of “Radical Left” is not so radical after all.

  1. Lesson #1 when making a political party: actually know what the words in your party name mean. According to a simple Google search (which took me all of 5 seconds), the specific definition of radical in political context is as an adjective “advocating or based on thorough or complete political or social reform; representing or supporting an extreme section of a political party.”

    The high point of Syriza’s half year in office was marked by them rehiring a bunch of cleaning ladies. Truly the stuff of revolution!

    Many have called out Syriza leaders as being champagne socialists and they are spot on. Tsipras can claim to be a man of the people all he wants but once people fully see what he and his ilk really are, he is going to be burned in effigy. Unless it was his goal was to drive the nation further into the abyss, he has a lot to answer for.

    And while it is true that Golden Dawn itself has advocated for holding referendums on national issues, that is something that is planned to be done from the get-go so as to genuinely see what the Hellenic people actually want for a change. For Syriza, the referendum right now is a last ditch effort to avoid the pressure of a tough decision and nothing more. This way, they can try to place the blame on the Hellenic people if something bad happens. There are dozens of examples of Syriza’s failings as a leading national party, but their cowardice and inability to make a tough choice after they expended all the easy options is perhaps most symbolic of all.

  2. If these syriza voters dont wake up after this… wtf will.. what will it take for this sryiza majority to realize these party’s aren’t anything but con men.

  3. Syriza are champagne socialists and as long as you have them drawing out the inevitable collapse that is coming nothing will change for the better…more illegal immigrants, equals more major problems ,crime, rape and the collapse of the tourist business. Get OUT OF THE GERMAN 4th REICH EU Dictatorship for a time things will be rough but the longer you leave it, the tougher and rough it will be.
    However there would be light at the end of the tunnel you would have your country back to the Greek people then you can start to rebuild it.
    What ever the sacrifice it will be made !
    What ever the price it will be paid !

    • “GERMAN 4th REICH EU Dictatorship”

      You mean the bolshevique EU dictatorship, right ? Because Germany is not a sovereign country, they are even occupied by USSA troops.

  4. The German 4th Reich controlled EU Dictatorship.= The.Bank.A.Matter.of.Life.and.Debt.
    Greece just get the hell out of the corrupt EU the longer you take the longer the suffering of the people will continue…..SUPPORT GOLDEN DAWN LIBERATE GREECE

  5. print the drachma. have some pride. forget the e.u. . show the world we are not a push over ever time. stand up for the people and the country. use the army clean up the immigrants all of them. clean the city kick out the forigners and look after your house your children your families. Make a national plan and stick to it. If the elected governments wont. Then we on here will. I for one.

  6. What is the position of Golden Dawn abot referendum? As i see GD, Syriza, KKE and Indipendent Greeks suporters are going to say NO. I sow they where pro-EU anti-patriots prothets in Athens probably ND and Pasok supporters!? Can Greece brothers explain to me what is general oppinion of the Greek people about this crisis? Cant beliwe that someone is suporting EU oligarchy after all. Greeting from Serbia!

    • They shut the banks down and froze pensions in order to scare people into voting yes. The whole aim is to use fear of the unknown and continue to enslave them. This is where most of the “Yes” voters come from.

  7. Some silver lining in all of this mess and something i was thinking about just the other day which seems to have taken place. It came to mind when western union closed its doors in greece and instantly made me think how millions of euros will now have to remain in greece that those illegals were sending out of the country. The bonus part in all of this is that now the only thing these filthy floaters can do is repatriate themselves LOL


  8. Greece must leave the Euro, not just for the dignity of the Greek people, but for the eventual death of the Atlantic dominated anti-Christ forces.

  9. I cant wait to hear that they voted NO and are going to print the great the beautiful the proud stong and independent, the DRACHMA!!! O what a feeling!!! The enthusiasim alone should be enough to bring Greeks to feel the sun shine!! The idea that Greece is a broke, but proud and free nation, alone should be enough to move the Greeks. The idea that Greece can clean up its house close its door and do it Greek style!!! should be enough to cause an earth quake.

    You mean to tell me that if Greece leaves the Eurozone it will be broke?

    Or the good feeling alone that will come with leaving the Eurozone will make us the richest and wealthiest people and happiest people on the planet.

  10. It’s sad but the Greeks will most likely vote yes on the referendum. Also, I don’t see Greeks waking up and suddenly vote for the Golden Dawn. It appears that Greeks will prefer stability of a lower standard of living, and the security of their savings, over short term suffering for long term national revival. They will vote yes, Syriza will be ousted, and a new conservative right-wing plutocratic party will get into power. I hope I’m wrong come election time.

  11. The thing is, what are the specific details of the “No bailout” option? Greece refuses to be “rescued” to acquire more debt and…? Also, I know that in this corrupt financial system the country’s taxpayers need to pay a substantial amount of debt before the referendum is even held, but why on such a short notice?

  12. Yes or no vote it doesn’t matter because syriza are just talking out there ass it’s all a card trick that all because there’s no more loaning because syriza just small business loans are on the table by the ecb …… People don’t fall for this slide of hand be the con artists are going to run out of Greece to Russia trust me not before the oil pipeline passes on the yes vote that is attached

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